Baseball Bugs

Baseball Bugs (1946)

6 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: When the Tea Totaller is bowling against the Gas House Gorillas, the Gorillas are seen striking the ball with their baseball bats, but when we see the Gorillas in a conga line, there are no bats in sight.

Character mistake: The score board during the game shows the Gas House Gorillas have the scores 10, 28, 16 and 42, for a total of 96 runs. But later on the announcer gives the score as "Bugs Bunny 96, Gas House Gorillas 95."

Other mistake: At the start of the baseball game, the announcer says that the Gas House Gorillas are the visiting team, yet on the scoreboard they are shown above the Tea Totallers.

Continuity mistake: When one of the Gas House Gorillas takes the plate umpire's place during the game, you can see that the fence behind him has nothing on top of it, but when he calls Bugs out, a net has appeared.

Audio problem: When Bugs says "That's the old ginger, boy!" when practising with his baseball bat, his mouth doesn't move.

Continuity mistake: When Bugs jumps out of the taxi and catches a bus to take him to the Umpire State Building, he has a brown baseball glove on his left hand. When we see Bugs reading a newspaper on the bus, the baseball glove is missing.

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