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The Swing Shift - S2-E21

Corrected entry: As the scene fades to the Höf Brau (with lighting that would violate black out rules in wartime Germany) passing vehicles can be seen to be modern (mid-1960's) cars rather than the more appropriate early 1940's German vehicles. And they're travelling at 1960's standards speeds.

Correction: Only the headlights of the cars are visible for less than a second, plus, the reporter presumes to accurately judge speeds of cars in a movie scene, which would be difficult at best. Furthermore the mistake depends on the assumption that speeds were significantly different inside closed settlements between 1940 and 1960, which they were not. Legally, in Germany, 40 km/h would be permissible in 1942 whereas 50km/h would be permissible in 1960. In California, the speed limit would have been between 25 and 30 mph, or 40-48 km/h respectively. Even in real life, accurately judging a speed difference of 8km/h would be almost impossible except in direct comparison. This mistake should probably be upheld in part, but either it must be rewritten without the speed stuff, or a comprehensible explanation must be given how the difference in speed is to be explained and judged.

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Captain: Auf Wiedersehen, Colonel. Heil Hitler!
Klink: Heil Hitler, and get out.



General Burkhalter is eating Klink's dinner. When finished he places a metal cover over the plate. In the next shot the cover is lying on the table and there is extra food on the plate.



When Klink is begging Hogan to trade places with him for fear of assassination, he says to him something like."I want to live til 80...all my family has lived til 80." Werner Klemperer, who played Klink, passed away in 2000 aged 80.