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The Mentalist (2008)

Episode list - season 1

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All season 1 mistakesMistakes
Show generally3
2Red Hair and Silver Tape2
3Red Tide2
4Ladies in Red0
7Seeing Red0
8The Thin Red Line1
9Flame Red0
10Red Brick and Ivy1
11Red John's Friends1
12Red Rum0
13Paint It Red0
14Crimson Casanova0
15Scarlett Fever0
17Carnelian Inc.0
18Russet Potatoes1
19A Dozen Red Roses0
20Red Sauce0
21Miss Red0
22Blood Brothers0
23Red John's Footsteps0

Green Thumb - S6-E10

Character mistake: When Kim is trying to convince Lisbon to help the FBI on their case, she says Jane stopped the ten-year reign of a mass murderer. Red John was a serial killer, which, by the FBI's definition, is a criminal behavior distinctly different from mass murder; he may have had a large number of victims, but he killed them either one or a couple at a time, with a cooling-off period in between, not all at once.

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