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The Mentalist (2008)


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Code Red - S2-E16

Dr. Alicia Seberg: Good morning, Mr. Jane. My name is Dr. Alicia Seberg. I gather from a brief search on the internet that you're the best detective in my immediate vicinity.
Patrick Jane: Oh, well, um, you flatter me, but, uh, I'm not actually a detective.
Dr. Seberg: I need your professional assistance. Please come immediately. I've been murdered.


Green Thumb - S6-E10

Character mistake: When Kim is trying to convince Lisbon to help the FBI on their case, she says Jane stopped the ten-year reign of a mass murderer. Red John was a serial killer, which, by the FBI's definition, is a criminal behavior distinctly different from mass murder; he may have had a large number of victims, but he killed them either one or a couple at a time, with a cooling-off period in between, not all at once.

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Red-Handed - S1-E6

Trivia: In this episode Andrea Parker plays Ann Meier, mother of Jessica Meier-Cardeira (Maite Schwartz). In real life, Parker is only nine years older than Schwartz.

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