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Deep in Death - S2-E1

Beckett: How's it goin' up there?
Lanie: I got tree branches poking my boobs, and spotlights shining up my booty.
Esposito: It could be worse. You could be wearing a skirt.
Lanie: When I come down, I'm gonna smack you.
Esposito: Looking forward to that.


Deep in Death - S2-E1

Castle: It's because you're afraid, isn't it? You're afraid that if you look into your mother's death, that you will go back down that rabbit hole and lose yourself again. But it's different this time. We have good leads. We have strong leads. And you won't have to do it alone. We can do it together.
Beckett: What if I don't want to know? Did you ever think of that? What if I'm not ready? What if the idea of catching my mom's murderer, and then having to sit there and watch as he cuts some deal that puts him back out on the street in ten years, makes me nauseous? You dredged up my past for you, Castle. Not for me, and you're too selfish to even see it. The case is closed, Castle. We made a deal, and I expect you to honor it.

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