Castle (2009)

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Hedge Fund Homeboys - S1-E3

Castle: I've been kicked out of all of New York's finer educational institutes at least once. The irony is now that I'm rich and famous, they all claim me as alum and want money.

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Hedge Fund Homeboys - S1-E3

Beckett: Don't you have a book coming out today, or something?
Castle: Yeah, so?
Beckett: So, you are watching me do paperwork, it's creepy! Did you have somewhere else to be?
Castle: I like it here.
Beckett: Oh my gosh, I get it. You're hiding. Your book is coming out today, and you're hiding!
Castle: No, hiding would be building a fortress out of my comforter and then downing a fifth of scotch, but apparently that's considered unhealthy.
Beckett: I thought that you don't care what people think?
Castle: I don't...much.


Hedge Fund Homeboys - S1-E3

Castle: Oh my God! This is quite possibly the worst coffee I've ever tasted. It's actually kind of fascinating, it tastes like a...[pauses to take a sip.] it tastes like a monkey peed in battery acid. [To Beckett.] Try some?

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