Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy (2008)

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Bainne - S3-E11

Corrected entry: When Jax is watching the couple with Abel, the father puts money in a homeless woman's bag. This is the same woman Gemma gave money to in Charming. So how did she get to Belfast, Ireland?


Correction: This isn't a mistake. This is the mystery women who shows up throughout the movie. Who has been explained as everything from an angel to a devil. It's part of the story.

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Gemma: Jesus! It smells like old socks and pussy in here.



When Jax and his crew meet up with a Hispanic gang to sell them guns and are outnumbered, they run in the station wagon. The run the station wagon through a gate and roll it, destroying the front end, but magically the station wagon's front end appears with little damage afterwards.



Stephen King has a cameo appearance where he plays a character named "Bachman" (one of the guys disposing of bodies). Richard Bachman is King's pseudonym he used for several of his novels.