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Sons of Anarchy (2008)

3 corrected entries in season 5

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Orca Shrugged - S5-E5

Corrected entry: When the fat insurance guy wakes up from being drugged, he bites Tig on the butt. There's no way a person can bite through a pair of jeans. It shows the wound and there's a tear in them and blood. It looks as though a dog bit him, not a person.


Correction: Yes A human CAN bite through denim, hell they can bite through cartilage and bone. Ie: ears noses etc. depending on bite strength. Remember the guy was drugged, woke up confused and scared so adrenaline is pumping too.

Authority Vested - S5-E2

Corrected entry: Gemma says to Wayne "who you chattin' up, Wade?" Subtitles say Wade also.


Correction: Wade was the name of the person Wayne was talking to.

Correction: Just watched this scene again and all I can hear is "Wayne." Why would a character get another character's name wrong 5 seasons in? The subtitles you're using are incorrect.


Wade was the name of the person Wayne was talking to. Earlier in the ep. Roosevelt is heard telling the club this name as one of the people who got hit with a home invasion.

Correction: Wade Steiner - TM mechanic hit by home invasion that Under is interviewing in the garage. Gemma says "why you chatting up Wade?"

No she doesn't say why... she says WHO.


Andare Pescare - S5-E9

Corrected entry: When Gemma hands Nero Carla's ashes, the box appears to be empty. Nero proves this by flicking the box and acting like, is there anything in it? When a person is cremated, the ashes weigh at least 5 pounds. They carry it like there's nothing in it.


Correction: Five lbs isn't that heavy if you're strong. I work in shipping and boxes weighing 5lbs practically feel like nothing, because I'm used to handling much heavier things. Nero's a strong guy and may have expected the box to weigh more than it did.

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New this month Correction: My point is the box appears to have nothing in it! I have my fathers ashes and they aren't light so I know what I'm talking about. The box obviously is empty.


Sorry, but you've only demonstrated that a box of human ashes in your own hands doesn't feel light. What feels heavy to you isn't necessarily true for others. You said yourself that a box of human ashes weighs around 5 lbs. Most adults of either gender would find that to be lightweight. I can lift a 5 lb. Box with my thumb, index and middle fingers, provided that the box is relatively small in its dimensions, and I'm an ectomorph. If you were trying to prove in a court of law that the box was empty and all you had to go on was the video clip and your own anecdotal evidence, you would not meet the burden of proof.

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Correction: My point is human ashes aren't light and you can plainly tell the box is empty.


You can't see inside the box though, so you can't definitively say that it is empty. It would be one thing if the box was supposed to weigh 25 lbs or so, but 5 lbs isn't even heavy, especially to someone like Jimmy Smits who is 6'-3" and over 200 lbs.

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