The Promise - S3-E11

Plot hole: When Bo Jenson visits Richard Allen, he takes the elevator at the far south end of the ER wing, near the ER nurses' station, straight up to the 6th floor and then turns left to get to Richard's room in the short hallway, by the windows. When Richard jumps out the window and lands on the ledge, we see he's on the south side of Rampart's main building. Considering the actual floor plan of the hospital, this is completely impossible. The ER is located in the south lower wing and only has two floors, so Jensen could not have gone up to the 6th floor from the elevator he took.

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Camera Bug - S4-E10

Plot hole: At the end of the episode, when Johnny tells the guys that he sold one of his photographs for $25, Chet claims the money is his and points to everyone in the photo, noting that Captain Stanley, Marco, Mike, Roy and Johnny are all in the photo but Chet's not, which means he's the one who actually used the camera and snapped the photo. However, the itty bitty problem here is that earlier in the episode, during the rescue, we can see that after Marco heads up the hill that it's actually Chet who's with Mike, Johnny, and Roy carrying the victim up the side of the hill, alongside Captain Stanley. So the only one who could have really taken that photograph was Marco, which completely contradicts the whole bit at the end.

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