How I Met Your Mother

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The Wedding - S1-E12

Plot hole: After Claudia's call, they decided that Lilly will meet her at the bar and the guys will meet Stuart. They're all at the apartment at the same time and the dudes have gotten to Stuart's apartment, convinced him to still marry Claudia and then go back to the bar right after Lilly gets there. And also giving a lot of time to Barney hitting on Claudia. There's no way that could happen in this order, they live right above the bar, Lilly was supposed to be there before Claudia.

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Barney: Suit up!



Lily and Marshall mention that they've been using the same toothbrush ever since they've been together, but in the 14th episode of the 1st season, "Zip, zip, zip", Marshall and Lily are simultaneously brushing their teeth with a tooth brush each (before Ted and Victoria get home).



When Ted and Robin are at the restaurant, they are accidentally sent a champagne glass with an engagement ring in. A man then claims the ring and proposes to his girlfriend. This couple really did get engaged on the show - the guy set up the surprise proposal, as his girlfriend thought they were just there as extras.