How I Met Your Mother

Robin 101 - S5-E3

Plot hole: When Robin and Lily find Barney's secret Robin notebook, Barney and Ted are at the class, so Barney should have the notebook with him.

Dylan McLaughlin
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Suggested correction: This is a character mistake at best, and quite a common one. Students constantly forget their textbooks, homework, notes, supplies etc.


It should be noted that the plot hole isn't talking about "students." This isn't about forgetting textbooks, supplies, or homework. Barney is trying to be a better boyfriend to Robin and wants to learn Ted's secrets since Ted had dated Robin. If Barney has been writing everything down before, the mistake is pointing out why isn't he writing it down this time, except to allow the writers to have Lily and Robin find the notebook and the class.


The Wedding - S1-E12

Plot hole: After Claudia's call, they decided that Lilly will meet her at the bar and the guys will meet Stuart. They're all at the apartment at the same time and the dudes have gotten to Stuart's apartment, convinced him to still marry Claudia and then go back to the bar right after Lilly gets there. And also giving a lot of time to Barney hitting on Claudia. There's no way that could happen in this order, they live right above the bar, Lilly was supposed to be there before Claudia.

Slutty Pumpkin - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: Robin says in this episode that she never played team sports and was always a loner. However in a later episode, (The Prom episode) she mentions she missed her prom due to field hockey nationals.

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Barney: It's gonna be legen...wait for it...dary!

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The Best Burger in New York - S4-E2

Trivia: The Goliath National Bank logo can be seen at the end of the end credits.

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Lucky Penny - S2-E15

Question: I'm confused, what exactly was wrong with Barney's legs in this episode? Why couldn't he move them?

Answer: After running the marathon for Marshall with no training, he's allowed to ride the subway for free. While sat on the train, the muscles in his legs start to seize up after the marathon to the point it is painful to move his legs. This is why he can't move them. It's the same reason your body aches after a good session at the gym the day before.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Barney ran a marathon without any training and over exerted his muscles. While he was able to walk after, later his leg muscles gave out and he couldn't move (or more likely stand). It is not uncommon when one works out too much to be sore the next day, even if they feel okay afterwards. Thus the saying "I'll feel that in the morning."

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