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Other mistake: If the show takes place in May, when Lincoln is scheduled to be executed, why is it snowing?

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Suggested correction: It does occasionally snow in such months. There is no rule about weather being certain. It's just what we consider usual for each season, e.g. winter = cold. Characters even comment on very "variable" weather in state.

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Other mistake: Between season 1 and 2 the opening there is a shot just as Dominic Purell's name comes up that features a blueprint. On the blue print, there are 2 distances visible - 7' 15" and and 23' 15." There are only 12" in a foot. (00:04:00)

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Ogygia - S5-E1

Continuity mistake: On the tombstone in the previous episode, Michael's date of death is 11.4.2005. But in this episode, when Linc goes to the graveyard to visit Michael's grave, his date of death is 11.4.2010. It is also a different grave from the original, as the original was in South America beside the beach, and here we are led to believe it is in New York. (00:50:50)

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Michael Scofield: This is going wrong in every possible way.

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Trivia: S4E11: (spoiler) The Scylla alarm on the General's computer is visible on screen for a second or two. Below the flashing word 'alarm', it says it is in section AA-23. That's also the designation of the prison block where Princess Leia is being held in Star Wars. This was certainly done intentionally, but is also easy to miss.

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Sona - S2-E22

Question: Bill Kim called the police, he said that. Why would he do that, because it was obvious he was going to kill Linc. It makes no sense.


Answer: I don't think he wanted to kill him, I think the plan was to get Linc and Michael into Sona so they could break out James Whistler.

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