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Continuity mistake: Season: 4, Episode: 17, "Randy's List Item." In the scene where Randy and Arlen are sitting in the bar, and Randy is telling Arlen how to be a better little brother, take notice that the beer bottles on the table increases in number, and the arrangement of the bottles changes too.


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Continuity mistake: Season 4, Episode 21, "Witch Lady": When Joy is rolled down the basement steps in a bag, her feet are not protruding from the bag; upon landing, you can see that the feet are now showing.


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Continuity mistake: Season 4, Ep 2 - "Monkeys Take a Bath": When Earl's mother is in the bathroom stall we see she has a tiny bit of toilet paper on the roll next to her. As Joy puts her head underneath the stall the amount of toilet paper is now much longer than before. It goes from half a square of paper to about 2-3 squares of paper.

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Stole a Badge - S1-E22

Continuity mistake: At the end when Stuart decided to let Earl go he pulls the list out of his pocket, and gives it back to Earl, and it is all crumpled up, but a second later when we see Earl holding the note it is neatly folded.

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Randy: I should be on that show where you have to remember the names of things. What's it called again?

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Cost Dad the Election - S1-E9

Trivia: At the end, Earl's father says that he talked to John Sheppard earlier that day. Earl's father is played by Beau Bridges who portrays General Hank Landry on Stargate SG-1. John Sheppard is the main character of Stargate: Atlantis, SG-1's sister show.

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