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Y2K - S1-E19

Visible crew/equipment: When Darnell is amused by the funny greeting card, as the camera moves towards him, you can spot a crew member (most likely a boom mic operator) on the left side of the screen, on the other side of the display shelf. His/her arm is well visible but you can even see his/her head for a brief moment.


Stole a Badge - S1-E22

Continuity mistake: At the end when Stuart decided to let Earl go he pulls the list out of his pocket, and gives it back to Earl, and it is all crumpled up, but a second later when we see Earl holding the note it is neatly folded.


Number One - S1-E24

Continuity mistake: When Randy is scratching off the joke lottery ticket, the amount of scratched-off material left on the ticket changes between the three close-ups. One shot shows that the ticket was rubbed and not scratched (the area revealed has a haze to it).


Barn Burner - S1-E11

Continuity mistake: When Earl is in the Crab Shack discussing the punishing of the children, there is an empty tray on the counter in front of Crab Man, but when the shot changes, Crab Man is holding the tray with a bottle of beer on it. The shot changes back to Crab Man holding the empty tray, then changes back to him holding the tray with the bottle on it. (00:01:50)

Show generally

Continuity mistake: Season 4, Episode 19, "My Name is Alias": While Darnell's farther has his back to Earl, Earl tries to jump him; Darnell's father hits Earl, and Earl falls to the floor. When Earl gets up, take notice that Earl has a cut on his lower lip; the cut goes from a vague light red to a dark red in several quick shots.


Y2K - S1-E19

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene in Y2K when you see Donny Jones jumping around in front of the TV screens, as the camera slowly moves in past the TVs, you can see the camera man and the camera actually shown on the TV.


Y2K - S1-E19

Deliberate mistake: The gang is able to get into the bargain bag store without any security system going off or police investigating the break-in at the store. Even the following day, no one bothers them while they're sleeping in the beds in the store.

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Monkeys Take a Bath - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning, when Joy sees the IQ game, the two poles are close together and there is nothing directly beside it. But when she gets close and the camera changes angles the poles are now separated and a small gold toy is sitting beside it. Then when she leans down next to it the poles are still separated, but the toy is gone. (00:00:40)


Monkeys Take a Bath - S4-E2

Audio problem: In the shot where Randy throws the glass of beer at the wall behind him in the Crab Shack, his mother's mouth is not synced with the audio that she is speaking: the audio was continued from another shot, and in this one, she is saying different words. (00:12:00)

Hemech Rostovsky

Larceny Of A Kitty Cat - S2-E4

Continuity mistake: While Randy is hugging Judy, the cat is watching them. After she agrees to give up the cat, the cat has both its ears straight up. The next shot from behind, the cat's head is tilted to the left and his left ear is bent down.

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Show generally

Continuity mistake: Episode 10 of Season 4 ("Earl and Joy's Anniversary") has Earl yelling "Fire!" from inside the Crabshack's restroom. As he does, a woman with dark brown hair and wearing a blue plaid shirt gets up from her table to evacuate the restaurant. A long shot outside the restroom of Earl yelling "Fire!" has the same woman getting up and leaving again.

Inside Probe: Part 1 - S4-E25

Police officer: It's police policy not to waste resources looking for a missing person in the first 24 hours because they usually show up on their own, and after 24 hours, if they're still missing, it usually means they're dead and we don't look for them that hard then either


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Show generally

Question: TV Tropes says there's an episode where multiple tornadoes come down on Earl's hometown, one after another - anybody know what that episode was?

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