My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl (2005)

Episode list

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Show generally 7
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 0
2 Quit Smoking 0
3 Randy's Touchdown 0
4 Faked His Own Death 0
5 Teacher Earl 1
6 Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine 0
7 Stole Beer From A Golfer 1
8 Joy's Wedding 0
9 Cost Dad the Election 1
10 White Lie Christmas 1
11 Barn Burner 1
12 O Karma, Where Art Thou? 0
13 Stole P'S Hd Cart 0
14 Monkeys In Space 0
15 Something To Live For 0
16 The Professor 0
17 Didn't Pay Taxes 1
18 Dad's Car 1

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At the beginning of the episode, Earl says that costing his Dad the election is 4 on his list, however, on the list that they show during the title sequence of each episode, "Cost Dad the election" is 65.



At the end, Earl's father says that he talked to John Sheppard earlier that day. Earl's father is played by Beau Bridges who portrays General Hank Landry on Stargate SG-1. John Sheppard is the main character of Stargate: Atlantis, SG-1's sister show.