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David: Do flies fly?

David: Fire at Will! Or Al, or Harry! Or whoever the hell else you can hit.

Mortician: This is him, Edward O'Leary. Recognize him?
Maddie Hayes: I don't know, we never knew him.
Mortician: Then what did you want to look at the body for?
Maddie Hayes: What did we want to look at the body for?
David Addison: We're private detectives. It's what we do.
Mortician: You wanna look at any others while you're here?
Maddie Hayes: No thanks. Our limit is one stiff per day.

Maddie Hayes: Since when did my personal life outside the office become fair game for your amusement inside the office?
David Addison: If I remember correctly, since you started working here.

David Addison: Do math majors multiply? Do eggs get laid?

Maddie Hayes: Brian Baker called me names. Preston Holt lied to me. Omar Gaus mocked me. I don't think I like men anymore.
David Addison: We still like you.

Orson Welles: So gather the kids, the dog, Grandma... and lock them in another room. And sit back and enjoy this very special episode of Moonlighting.

David Addison: I know who he is, he paints naked girls.
Maddie Hayes: Nudes.
David Addison: Nudes, right. Nakeds have staples in them.

Petruchio/Addison: You see through me, Kate. No tuner I. But I wish it were within my talents to play piano for you.
Kate/Maddie: 'Tis a sad thing indeed. You're the only man I know who suffereth from pianist envy.

Man: You can't just burst in here like that.
David Addison: Oh yeah? Tell that to the writers.

Maddie: You have the morals of rabbit, the character of a slug, and the brain of a platypus.

Maddie Hayes: I didn't even know you had a brother.
David Addison: Never thought of him as a brother - just mom and dad's science project.

David Addison: This place was great before Miss Hayes came along. Fun times, no rules, no deadlines.
Agnes DiPesto: No cases.

David: Does Spock beam up?

David Addison: Do bears bear? Do bees be?

Maddie: Just when I think you've gone as low as you can go, you find a basement door.

Maddie Hayes: You are eye crust.
David Addison: The better to see you with, my dear.
Maddie Hayes: You are navel lint.
David Addison: Expensive navel lint.
Maddie Hayes: You are.
David Addison: Don't go much lower, they'll take us off the air.

Agnes DiPesto: Mr. Addison. Here's your ticket.
David Addison: Thanks again, Agnes.
Agnes DiPesto: I guess this means you're going away.
David Addison: Agnes, in all my born days I have never met a person who could put two and two together faster than you.
Agnes DiPesto: Math was always my strongest subject.

Maddie Hayes: I had no idea.
David Addison: That's okay. I got lots of 'em. I'll loan you one.

The Murder's in the Mail - S1-E6

Factual error: Dead blonde guy is sitting upright in the chair, as Dave/Maddie close in, and Maddie realises he isn't moving. David goes to him and smacks him across the shoulder, to "wake him up" and blonde dead guy, right on cue, instantly slumps over a table at his right side, when the direction that David hit his shoulder, should have sent the dead guy slumping more forward, then at the front edge of the table. Obviously staged for the actor's comfort.

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Question: What's with the show's title and why does their receptionist rhyme, and why'd she hire such a dork for a partner?


Answer: The show's title, "Moonlighting" was a take-off the agency's name, the "Blue Moon Detective Agency." The owner, Maddie Hays, a former model, renamed it after a shampoo brand she was once a spokesperson for. She did not hire her partner, David Addison. He already worked at the agency when Maddie took it over. The agency was struggling financially, and David convinced Maddie, who knew nothing about being a detective, that if she made him a partner, they could make it successful. Agnes, the receptionist, had a very quirky personality, and simply chose to use rhymes when answering the phone.

raywest Premium member

Also, the term "moonlighting" refers to someone who works a secondary job, usually at night. Maddie was a former model whose career had waned and the detective agency became her other career.

raywest Premium member

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