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Teen Titans (2003)

1 corrected entry in Episode 257-494

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Episode 257-494 - S4-E2

Corrected entry: When Control Freak and Beastboy are fighting in the cooking show, watch very carefully as Beastboy flies across the screen as a bear and quickly changes back. He is a normally colored bear rather than the green coloring of all of his animal forms.

Susan Kirk

Correction: Whenever Beast-Boy changes into a furry animal, his fur is always black (or a very dark green) but the skin is always the same green. in the case of the bear, the nose was the green and the body was the super-dark green/black.

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Raven: Evil beware. We have waffles.



When Raven telekinetically reassembles the broken chime bead necklace, it has about nine beads and is rather tight, but before and after that the necklaces feature about 13 or 14 beads and are wide enough to fit around the others' necks.



X-X "The Lost Episode": Some other character cameos in the concerto audience include the two English ladies talking about fish in "Revolution", and Dr. Victor Payten, his interviewer, and the soap opera character Rebecca from "Episode 257-494".