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Teen Titans (2003)

1 mistake in The Lost Episode

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The Lost Episode - S4-E1

Continuity mistake: With the first strum on his guitar, Punk Rocket blows the orchestra and their paraphernalia all across the stage. But after the titles have rolled and the Titans are called into action, the stage is free of the stands, music sheets, instruments, and even the conductor's pedestal which were previously scattered all about.

Wavelength - S3-E8

Cyborg: Please. They're not just plans. They're me. Everything I am! my body, my brain, my feelings ...
Bumblebee: Relax! I only read the sonic cannon stuff. - And a few memory files about the big crush you had on Jinx.

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X - S3-E2

Trivia: The warehouse in which the Titans combat the new Red X is actually the same warehouse which housed the disco party in "Sisters", right down to the SOTO (after series co-director Alex Soto) neon sign.

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