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Corrected entry: Notice something about the shoe soles of various characters in the series? They tend to resemble either the respective heraldic signs or what their wearers stand for. Beast Boy, for instance, has paw prints for a profile; Billy Numerous and Kid Flash wear their symbols on their soles.

Correction: This is like pointing out that the "R" on Robin's tunic stands for "Robin".

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Corrected entry: Throughout the whole show, sometimes Raven's door has her name on it and sometimes it doesn't.

Susan Kirk

Correction: Her door gets destroyed on several occasions, she probably doesn't have time to label the new ones right away.

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Corrected entry: Episode 'Date with Destiny': When Starfire takes off her metal 'handwear' and slaps Kitten, the hand is seen in the handwear, but Starfire's hand in still intact.

Correction: This is deliberately done for humour. Starfire is meant to take off a glove and slap the opponent, but she doesn't have a glove so her fingers come off as if she was wearing an actual glove.

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Raven: Evil beware. We have waffles.



When Raven telekinetically reassembles the broken chime bead necklace, it has about nine beads and is rather tight, but before and after that the necklaces feature about 13 or 14 beads and are wide enough to fit around the others' necks.



X-X "The Lost Episode": Some other character cameos in the concerto audience include the two English ladies talking about fish in "Revolution", and Dr. Victor Payten, his interviewer, and the soap opera character Rebecca from "Episode 257-494".