The Dick Van Dyke Show

Bupkis - S4-E24

Other mistake: When Rob dials the radio station, he dials the phone number and then looks it up in the phone book. He covers for himself, and then has a hard time keeping a straight face afterwards.


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Suggested correction: The part is Rob checking to see if he had the right number.

Bupkis - S4-E24

Other mistake: Rob mentions Buzzy Potter to Sally and Buddy as if they knew him. Rob and Laura did the Army stuff way before working on the Alan Brady show. Also, there was no mention of Buzzy Potter anywhere else in the series. There for Sally and Buddy wouldn't have known Buzzy, but Millie would have known him.

Liz Blue 1970

Never Bathe on Saturday - S4-E27

Other mistake: When Laura is stuck in the bathtub, she tells Rob "there's a full length mirror on the back of the door" Rob runs full speed right into the door with his shoulder. Yet with his weight, height, BMI he would have immediately knocked the mirror off the door the 1st hit, not after the 3rd time when Rob put his elbow on the door. Also the mirror wouldn't have taken 9 seconds to finally fall with the height of the door. (00:17:34 - 00:18:26)

Never Bathe on Saturday - S4-E27

Other mistake: When Laura is in the bathtub you do not hear the water running, or the water draining from the tub. Also, Laura's foot size (a size 6-7 same size as my foot size) would be too small to get stuck in the faucet. Also, when Laura and Rob are at their house if Laura's big toe was actually stuck in the faucet her toe would have been hurting bad enough to not put her shoe back on, but both shoes were on.

100 Terrible Hours - S4-E28

Other mistake: The record that is to Rob's right (our left) isn't spinning while the base part under it is, until Rob puts the ceramic coffee cup on the record. Notice that ceramic coffee cup is also the same coffee cup that Rob threw away in the episode "Your Home Sweet Is My Home"

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Suggested correction: So you are claiming that they somehow rigged the turntable so it would spin without spinning the record until he put the cup down on it. For what reason? No only does this error defy common sense, it is obviously wrong if you watch the episode. The record is spinning. You can see the variations in the highlights on the surface as it does so. Also, it is not a ceramic cup, it is a paper cup, complete with a folding paper handle. And it in no way resembles any cup used in "Your Home Sweet Home is My Home."

I did great! I forgot which episode I saw the same cup in.

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Baby Fat - S4-E30

Other mistake: Buddy's dog is also the same dog for everyone else. They are all German Shepherds. Except for Millie and Jerry's dog we have never seen him/her ever. Yet they say that they have a dog too.

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No Rice at My Wedding - S5-E4

Other mistake: Sam tells Rob "Laura could be late because of the rain". Yet neither Sam, Laura, Millie or Clark had any wet clothes, jackets, hats etc. Rob was the only one that had gotten soaking wet. Also when looking into the window he taps on the glass with a white glove (which he didn't have on when he got into her house).

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Fifty-Two, Forty-Five or Work - S5-E13

Other mistake: Right at the beginning of this episode Rob says "9 years ago right in this office... I just came on as head writer 2 months was all... Buddy, Sally and I were sitting at this desk, writing a sketch, and you (Mel) came in with some special news." (so on and so forth with that line.) Rob, Sally and Buddy weren't in "this office" building... Didn't even have the same desk or furniture.

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Who Stole My Watch? - S5-E14

Other mistake: Evan from the insurance company comes over to ask Laura and Rob several questions but not once does he find out any names from the party. But the next day Buddy, Sally, Mel, Jerry and Millie all get really angry because of Rob and his interrogator just assuming that they stole the watch.

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Suggested correction: Evans says he had all the preliminary information from Rob's earlier phone call including the names of the party guests.

Remember the Alimony - S5-E20

Other mistake: That mirror behind Rob at the hotel in their room has fog (condensation) on it which means that the humidity there in "Mexico" is really really high or it's over 100°F in their room with humidity or unless it was raining inside their room, the window behind the bed is perfectly clear. (Real life that mirror would not be all foggy.) Also Rob, Laura and the hotel guy would have been sweating up a storm if it was really really hot out there. Which it wasn't. (00:13:52)

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Buddy Sorrell, Man and Boy - S5-E22

Other mistake: Rob got a new watch for his birthday a few seasons back. Yet he's still wearing his old watch. And also his watch time says it's 3:00. Rob and Sally would still be at work if it was actually 3:00.

Love Thy Other Neighbor - S5-E29

Other mistake: Laura tells Rob that Jerry is fixing the fence. Then all of a sudden this banging that sounds like an iron hammer and chisel on cement starts up. If Jerry was actually fixing the fence it would have been the whole time, right when Rib got into the kitchen, not right after Laura told Rob that Jerry was working on the fence.

Liz Blue 1970

It May Look Like a Walnut! - S2-E20

Character mistake: Rob is having a nightmare, part of which involves the disappearance of his thumbs. When he finds Laura at home, the script calls for him to say, "I want you to help me get my thumbs back," but he actually says, "I want you to help me get my thumb backs." His thumbs are also still there but hidden (you can see a portion of them in one frame of the episode).

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Rob Petrie: At least I'll prove one thing tonight: Television writers marry the prettiest girls.

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