The Dick Van Dyke Show

100 Terrible Hours - S4-E28

Corrected entry: While Rob is by himself at the WOFF radio station the "On the Air" sign is above the door behind him and there is a giant window there beside the door. When Rob is doing the 100 hours of being on the radio the door, the window and room are completely different. No door, record disc holder, other equipment, or window behind him.

Correction: The studio looks different because when Rob does the 100 hours, he's doing it in a storefront window. People are standing outside and passing by to watch him. He's not in the studio.

Correction: Rob and Jerry bought a boat together. However there is an earlier episode that refers to Alan's yacht.

Suggest slightly different wording as it was only one episode, and the fact that it was an earlier episode is important: Rob and Jerry bought a boat together. However there is an earlier episode that refers to Alan's yacht.


Correction: Rob didn't say anything when finding Buddy and Sally found out about the yacht.

The Life and Love of Joe Coogan - S3-E17

Corrected entry: The clerical garb that Father Joe wears to his dinner date at the Petries' is more typical of Protestant clergymen than Catholic priests. A Catholic priest's shirt would not have a white circular collar. Rather it would have a black stand-up collar with a small strip of white cloth inserted in the front.

Correction: Actually, while it is more common for Catholic priests to wear a collar like that, it is not unknown for them to wear a full white collar around the neck.

That's My Boy??? - S3-E1

Corrected entry: Here's a theory as to the "mistake" of Rob and Laura bringing Ritchie home to their new house instead of the house in the flashback episode about Ritchie's birth: They contracted for the purchase of the new home before the birth (this was covered in another episode), but the closing and moving were taken over by Rob and his friends while Laura was in the hospital. Bear in mind that in the 1950's a mother and baby would often spend a week or more in the hospital which would have afforded Rob plenty of time to get things arranged in her absence.

Correction: Trivia is for genuine, certified information, not pet theories.

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Don't Trip Over That Mountain - S2-E22

Corrected entry: Laura and Millie leave the house. The phone rings. They dash back, but still miss the call. Laura says that after nine o'clock Rob never lets the phone ring more than four times, and that this one rang six times. The phone actually rang seven times.

Correction: She miscounted. Character mistake.

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Correction: When Laura first comes in, you can see the ivy. When she leaves, the camera is at a different angle, and you see a part of the wall not covered with ivy.


It May Look Like a Walnut! - S2-E20

Character mistake: Rob is having a nightmare, part of which involves the disappearance of his thumbs. When he finds Laura at home, the script calls for him to say, "I want you to help me get my thumbs back," but he actually says, "I want you to help me get my thumb backs." His thumbs are also still there but hidden (you can see a portion of them in one frame of the episode).

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Rob Petrie: At least I'll prove one thing tonight: Television writers marry the prettiest girls.

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Suggested correction: There is no 69970 zip code in the U.S. If there was, it would probably be in or near Nebraska not New York. New York zip codes range from 00501 to 14925.

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