The Dick Van Dyke Show
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Suggested correction: There is no 69970 zip code in the U.S. If there was, it would probably be in or near Nebraska not New York. New York zip codes range from 00501 to 14925.

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Trivia: Some of the episodes are based upon actual events that happened to the actors.


Season 4 generally

Trivia: During the fourth season, actress Rose Marie suffered the tragic loss of her husband to whom she had been married for 20 years. Amidst her mourning, Marie felt that the grief and pain of loss was too much to bear and wanted to leave the show entirely, just before the fifth and final season. John Rich, one of the show's directors, was there to console her and convince her to come back and finish out the remainder of the show.

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Rob Petrie: At least I'll prove one thing tonight: Television writers marry the prettiest girls.

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