The Dick Van Dyke Show
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Show generally10
1The Sick Boy and the Sitter6
2The Blonde-Haired Brunette1
3Sally and the Lab Technician1
4Washington vs. the Bunny0
5Oh How We Met the Night That We Danced1
6Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo.1
8To Tell or Not to Tell1
9The Unwelcome Houseguest0
10The Meershatz Pipe3
11Forty-Four Tickets0
12Empress Carlotta's Necklace0
13Sally Is a Girl0
14Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?0
15Where Did I Come From?0
16The Curious Thing About Women0
17Punch Thy Neighbor0
18Who Owes Who What?0
19The Talented Neighborhood0
20A Word a Day0
21The Boarder Incident0
22Father of the Week0
23The Twizzle0
24One Angry Man2
25Where You Been, Fassbinder?0
26I Am My Brother's Keeper0
27The Sleeping Brother0
28The Bad Old Days0
29Sol and the Sponsor0
30The Return of Happy Spangler0
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Laura Petrie: You wanna end up another Dwight Heatherton, go ahead.
Rob Petrie: Who's that?
Laura Petrie: Dwight Heatheron happens to be an excellent writer who is unknown because he gets no publicity.
Rob Petrie: Then how do you know him?
Laura Petrie: Oh Rob, he's famous.

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Season 4 generally

Trivia: During the fourth season, actress Rose Marie suffered the tragic loss of her husband to whom she had been married for 20 years. Amidst her mourning, Marie felt that the grief and pain of loss was too much to bear and wanted to leave the show entirely, just before the fifth and final season. John Rich, one of the show's directors, was there to console her and convince her to come back and finish out the remainder of the show.

Liz Blue 1970

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