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The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961)

1 mistake in Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo.

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Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo. - S1-E6

Factual error: This is the only episode that Harrison is seen, mentioned or even talked about. But in all the rest of this series there is no Harrison. Both Harrison and Rob mention that he was the guy on the spot light fir the shows... But not one time did we see a spotlight on Rob in any of the episodes.

Liz Blue 1970

Laura Petrie: You wanna end up another Dwight Heatherton, go ahead.
Rob Petrie: Who's that?
Laura Petrie: Dwight Heatheron happens to be an excellent writer who is unknown because he gets no publicity.
Rob Petrie: Then how do you know him?
Laura Petrie: Oh Rob, he's famous.

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Suggested correction: There is no 69970 zip code in the U.S. If there was, it would probably be in or near Nebraska not New York. New York zip codes range from 00501 to 14925.

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