The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Ghost of A. Chantz - S4-E3

Factual error: When Laura and Sally are about to go to the bedroom, Buddy and Rob are going to sleep in the living room of the haunted cabin. Rob and Laura tell Buddy and Sally things like how he steals the pillow and he takes all the covers at home. However at home, they sleep in twin beds so they shouldn't know such things. However, they do have a son. They had to share a bed at least once in their marriage.


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Suggested correction: Or they sleep in twin beds because he steals the pillow and takes the covers when they tried sharing a double bed.

It's not true that Rob steals pillows... Because every episode Rob has only 2 pillows. Unless he steals them in the middle of the commercials... and then they vanish before the next scene.

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4 1/2 - S4-E8

Factual error: When Rob climbs up the elevator shaft, he comments on how greasy it is, and when he jumps back into the elevator, he wipes his hands on his shirt but not a bit of grease shows on his clean white shirt.


I Do Not Choose to Run - S5-E16

Factual error: When Rob tells the name of the street he lives on in this episode "Bonnie Meadow Lane" that was not the same as the past episodes which was "Bonnie Meadow Road" in all the other episodes except for when Rob and Laura were buying the new house beside Jerry and Millie's house.

Your Home Sweet Home is My Home Sweet Home - S4-E25

Factual error: When Rob is on the phone with the Realtor guy they talk about what the Petrie's soon to be house will look like, what's in it, what won't be in it. Yet neither of the houses (Petries and Helpers) are the same in any of the episodes and none of the stuff that is mentioned in this episode are in any episode no sling chairs, no pine wood or panelling etc. The 2 houses are completely different.

The Man from My Uncle - S5-E27

Factual error: The Government Agent says "we want to use your house for base operation for looking at the house across the street. Rob says "Jerry helper!" yet Jerry lives on the same side of the street (closest to the den, across from Rob's bedroom). Someone has their houses mixed up.

The Great Petrie Fortune - S5-E6

Factual error: Rob tells this lady that the guy that passed away was his great-uncle and that the last time he saw him was when Rob was 12 years old... This is the same Grandpa that was also seen in the episode "What's in a Middle Name" (in this episode in season 5 Richie would be 10 or 11. But the other episode he was supposedly 8).

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Suggested correction: You seem to be confused about Hezekiah's relationship to Rob. He is Rob's great-uncle which means he's the brother of Rob's grandfather, the character from "What's in a Middle Name?" (And by the way, the scene in that episode took place before Richie was even born. The fact that they were arguing over his name should have been a clue).

The Cat Burglar - S2-E15

Factual error: While Rob is roaming the house with a gun in his hand he chops the metal tube that the wood burning stove in the living-room is connected to. However since in real life the metal tube would be thick and insulated the tube he dented with his hand at that speed wouldn't have been damaged at all. Also, it could have broken his hand or at least sprained his hand where he wouldn't be able to use it or feel like using it.

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No Rice at My Wedding - S5-E4

Factual error: In the Army or Military it is mandatory that the name tag is worn the same as the Dress Tan/Green/Blue and must be worn in either configuration. Ribbons are worn the same as the Dress Tan/Green/Blue. Special Skill Badges, Distinctive Unit Insignia (Unit Crest) are also worn the same. Rob and everyone else in the army was not wearing a name tag in any of the episodes.

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Body and Sol - S5-E10

Factual error: Rob told Sally and Buddy that he hit "Boom Boom" in the appendix. When we see Rob punch that guy he hit him right in the upper stomach. Rob would have won the boxing match. Because "below the belt" refers to all the area of the body that lies below the line of the opponent's navel, including the groin area, legs, and crotch.

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Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo. - S1-E6

Factual error: This is the only episode that Harrison is seen, mentioned or even talked about. But in all the rest of this series there is no Harrison. Both Harrison and Rob mention that he was the guy on the spot light fir the shows... But not one time did we see a spotlight on Rob in any of the episodes.

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Show generally

Factual error: Rob mentions several times "I broke my cheek" if he actually broke his cheek we could see a spot there, either a divot in his face where the accident happened and was not fixed, or we would see a indent line from where they put stitches on his face. We see neither of these.

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Show generally

Factual error: Alan Brady and Mell's offices are a few floors up. Yet Rob, Buddy and Sally's office window shows that they are way higher up than Alan and Mell's office - you do not see the roof tops of buildings anywhere from Alans and Mell's offices.

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One Angry Man - S1-E24

Factual error: Talking to the lawyers, parties, or witnesses about anything. This will give the impression that something unfair is going on. And is also illegal. Which Rob was doing during this whole episode.

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Three Letters from One Wife - S4-E10

Factual error: Millie mails 14 letters to Alan Brady with names of dead relatives, and to give them different postmarks she says that she drove all over Westchester and southern Connecticut to mail them. The next day, all 14 have arrived. Mail crossing a state line would not likely have made it overnight.


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Laura Petrie: You wanna end up another Dwight Heatherton, go ahead.
Rob Petrie: Who's that?
Laura Petrie: Dwight Heatheron happens to be an excellent writer who is unknown because he gets no publicity.
Rob Petrie: Then how do you know him?
Laura Petrie: Oh Rob, he's famous.

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Trivia: Some of the episodes are based upon actual events that happened to the actors.


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