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Deliberate mistake: While Rob is on his honeymoon, as well as 3 day pass, things like that, Rob still wears his army outfit. Yet in real life us real humans wouldn't be wearing the same clothes every time we were out. We would go home and change.

Liz Blue 1970

What's in a Middle Name? - S2-E7

Deliberate mistake: Rob, Sally and Buddy's "old office" is exactly the same shape as Robs basement (except for the door in the center of the back wall. Instead of going upstairs it's all on 1 level. There's a door to the right which goes into a random room which we never get to see inside). (00:10:38)

Liz Blue 1970

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Suggested correction: Since you listed multiple differences, it's obviously not "exactly the same." Filmmakers not building every set and prop from scratch is not a mistake. Modifying and reusing old sets is just an economic reality of production. If anything this should be under trivia.

It May Look Like a Walnut! - S2-E20

Character mistake: Rob is having a nightmare, part of which involves the disappearance of his thumbs. When he finds Laura at home, the script calls for him to say, "I want you to help me get my thumbs back," but he actually says, "I want you to help me get my thumb backs." His thumbs are also still there but hidden (you can see a portion of them in one frame of the episode).

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Rob Petrie: At least I'll prove one thing tonight: Television writers marry the prettiest girls.

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Trivia: During the fourth season, actress Rose Marie suffered the tragic loss of her husband to whom she had been married for 20 years. Amidst her mourning, Marie felt that the grief and pain of loss was too much to bear and wanted to leave the show entirely, just before the fifth and final season. John Rich, one of the show's directors, was there to console her and convince her to come back and finish out the remainder of the show.

Liz Blue 1970

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