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Miri - S1-E9

Plot hole: 300 years is just too long for the children to be on their own. How did they keep their clothes relatively clean for 300 years? Since the kids are playing all day they aren't out in the fields planting and harvesting crops for food, how did they eat?


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Suggested correction: For the clothes, it's highly unlikely that they wore the same sets for 300 years. They are in a town/city and on a world that is mostly empty of most human life now. They can easily just find more clothing their size from other houses and even stores. As far as food, children are very good scavengers.

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The issue of clothing is not so much an issue as is the issue of food. Given that the children are growing at an incredibly slow rate, their metabolism is probably much, much, much slower and would require far less sustenance.

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Is There in Truth No Beauty? - S3-E5

Other mistake: In the final scene, Kirk is still in the transporter room, but does not have on a visor when the ambassador transports out. Even if he did, humans can still go mad if wearing one and that's why Spock operates the transporter. Spock has his visor on, but then you see Kirk walk out of the transporter room without a visor and he is not going mad.

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Spock: Live long and prosper.

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Who Mourns for Adonais? - S2-E2

Trivia: An ending that was planned but abandoned for this episode would have revealed that Lieutenant Palamas was pregnant with Apollo's child.

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Answer: Kirk was getting his physical and Dr. McCoy probably turned off communications, because if he hadn't, Kirk would have left and headed straight for the bridge, leaving McCoy irritated.

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