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32 mistakes in season 5

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Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee - S5-E11

Continuity mistake: When the policeman tells Aaron's parents that he died in a car accident, his mother grabs her husband by the front of his shirt but in the next shot her hand is on his lapel, with no time for the change.

Choosing Joi - S5-E13

Continuity mistake: When Alice opens the back of her van and Carol sees all the dogs, a large spotted dog starts to come towards them - but when the shot changes to from inside the van, that dog is no longer there.

Stuck on You - S5-E6

Continuity mistake: The patient, Mr. Levy, is talking to Carol and her assistant, and as he says, "I have sugar diabetes, hello!" his left arm goes down to his side. But in the next quick shot, both his arms are folded over his chest under his overcoat.

Day for Knight - S5-E1

Other mistake: After resusitation attempts fail, Lucy is left alone with a dead patient whose phone starts ringing. At that point we can see the "dead" patient's chest rising up and down as he breathes (and he's not on a respirator).

The Miracle Worker - S5-E10

Continuity mistake: Peter and Dr. Romano are in the operating room arguing about Romano's lack of sobriety. Over the course of less than a minute, the clock on the wall goes from 8:15 to 5:15.

Good Luck, Ruth Johnson - S5-E9

Continuity mistake: Carol is in Wilson's room writing on the center of his chart. When the shot shows her turn to answer Wilson, her pen is writing near the edge of the chart. She didn't have time to change the pen's position so quickly.

The Good Fight (a.k.a. A Perfect Match) - S5-E8

Factual error: At the beginning of the show, Doug states that even though it's November, it's never too late to golf. A lot of this episode's scenes are outside as Lucy and Carter run around looking for a patient's father - the flowers are still blooming and the trees are full of green leaves, with only the slightest of autumn foliage, and few dead leaves on the ground. Considering the locale of Chicago, it looks like mid-September, certainly nothing like November.

Masquerade - S5-E5

Continuity mistake: When the med students throw the burning armchair over the balcony it tumbles down the steps, crosses the landing and continues to roll down the second set of steps to within a foot or so of Carter and Bernie. The next shot shows it on the landing again, and then tumbling down the last few steps again.

Masquerade - S5-E5

Continuity mistake: The patient Coco is sitting up in her bed talking to Mark about the drug he gave her. From one camera angle her hands are in front of her, but from another her hands are behind her.

Good Luck, Ruth Johnson - S5-E9

Continuity mistake: A policeman is in the ER talking about the little boy who was shot. He gives Carol a schoolbook with the boy's name in it. She looks at it and asks, "What about Wilson's family?" and then closes it - then as the cop answers, "Workin' on it", we see her closing it again.

Good Luck, Ruth Johnson - S5-E9

Continuity mistake: Carol is talking to Wilson in his room and she says, "I'm sad about what happened to Andy". As she says this, her arm is stretched out and her hand is on the bed railing. The next quick shot shows both her hands are holding his chart.

They Treat Horses, Don't They? - S5-E3

Continuity mistake: When Peter and Elizabeth are in the locker room having a serious talk, Peter's tying his tie - but when the shot is from behind his shoulder, his tie is completely undone. When the shot is on Elizabeth, it's partly tied. This continues for a few shots.

They Treat Horses, Don't They? - S5-E3

Continuity mistake: Doug, Mark and Carol are in the lounge having pizza and Doug has just told them he's the new Pedes ER Attending. Carol asks Mark, "Aren't you thrilled?" Mark is holding a paper cup. A Split Second later, his cup's gone and his hands are apart in front of him. Doug says, "He's got his doubts," and now there's a cup in Mark's left hand.

Responsible Parties - S5-E21

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the show, when Mark and Elizabeth are playing racquetball outside, an extra wearing a top with red sleeves walks behind Mark and disappears to the left. Just then, as Mark says "Romano, he keeps stalling", we see the same extra behind Mark again, heading to the left.

Day for Knight - S5-E1

Visible crew/equipment: Lucy is shown getting a coat from under the desk. Yosh comes up to her and says something, then opens the door and walks out of the shot. When he opens the door, there is a reflection of a man wearing headphones and holding a boom mic.

Stuck on You - S5-E6

Continuity mistake: Near the start of the show, Lucy goes into Carter's room, putting her backpack on the bed and disturbing his girlfriend. She then turns and rushes out of the room, and her backpack is on her back, even though she didn't have time to put it there.

Day for Knight - S5-E1

Continuity mistake: Mark is showing Lucy around the hospital and they go from an examination room to a trauma room - as they go through the doors, Mark is in front and pushes open the right door and we see it stays open. Lucy never touches it. But the shot showing them coming into the room has Mark letting go of the door and it swinging shut.

Day for Knight - S5-E1

Continuity mistake: Carter and Lucy are standing in the middle of the admitting, where they are talking about a case. Lucy asks, "Does it resemble a Christmas tree?" and Carter's stethoscope goes from being visible over his lapel to being tucked under it.

Doug Ross: Dr. Weaver and the sound of her own voice. A love story.

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Trivia: It is finally revealed (11-14: Just As I Am) that Dr. Weaver uses the crutch because of congenital hip dysplasia.


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Question: Does anybody know what the episode was called where that helicopter severed Romano's arm? I'm pretty sure it was season 8.

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