Movie Quote Quiz

Robert Romano: I'm beginning to think ER stands for "everyone's retarded."

Doug Ross: Dr. Weaver and the sound of her own voice. A love story.

Robert Romano: They're going to be looking for a sacrificial lamb, and I have to tell you, right now you're looking pretty wooly.

Robert Romano: The operation was a screaming success if your desired outcome was paralysis.

Mark Greene: There are no small patients, Carter.
Dave Malucci: What about dwarves?

Robert Romano: You're scaring me, Peter, you're not your usual jolly self today. You haven't developed a drug addiction or a dinking problem like the rest of your misfit buddies down at the ER, have you?
Peter Benton: Nope.
Robert Romano: Give it time.

Robert Romano: I haven't seen you in, oh gosh, who really cares?

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