ER (1994)

1 mistake in No Brain, No Gain

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No Brain, No Gain - S3-E7

Continuity mistake: Carter is working on a patient who has swallowed a lot of taffy - he is sitting behind his head with both hands working on his mouth. But when Anspaugh walks in he suddenly has one elbow up in the air and the other hand wrapped around the patient's chin. There was no time for the change in position.

Robert Romano: They're going to be looking for a sacrificial lamb, and I have to tell you, right now you're looking pretty wooly.

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Trivia: Every episode has the patient list by the nurse's station. On the patient list, different names are mentioned, like Marguiles or Tierney. They put these names there as a spoof of the show.

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Show generally

Question: Does anybody know what the episode was called where that helicopter severed Romano's arm? I'm pretty sure it was season 8.

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