The Big Prank - S4-E2

Plot hole: Why did Mikey jump to make the feathers fly if Vince said to abort? When TJ gets hit by the feathers, he's on the 'X marks the spot.' But when he got honeyed, he was nowhere near it. Before TJ gets feathered, He gets up onto his feet, like he had fallen down. But he was still standing when Mikey fired the feathers.

The Secret Life of Grotke - S4-E32

Plot hole: In the scene where T.J. and his pals are trying to find the password to the building, they are using a cup telephone. When the man talks, they can hear him, but when the kids talk, the men on the other side can't hear them.

Hustler's Apprentice - S4-E3

Plot hole: Hustler kid tells Gus in this episode that hustlers never deal in things that could get a kid in trouble. In the episode where all the kids need to become Ashley's he has no problem in handing out plenty of fake IDs, and at the beginning of every show he is shown displaying dodgy merchandise to a kid inside his jacket.(the kid isn't inside the jacket...the merchandise is...).

Some Friend - S4-E44

Plot hole: They say in this episode that Menlo was always an organized freak. But in "Principal for a Day" it turns out that he was a hyper-major kid until he started working in the school office.

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