Call Me Guy - S4-E10

Factual error: When Gus walks in, all kinds of kids have their backpacks on, like they just got there. Then Jordan asks Gus when he got there, which was 7:58, just a couple of minutes ago. Then TJ says, "Who's up for some kickball?" But it is already after 8:00, meaning they would be late.

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Diggers Split Up - S4-E20

Factual error: After Digger Dave and Digger Sam split up, they show that Sam was unfocused and was digging everywhere. Even through concrete?

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Partners in Crime - S4-E24

Factual error: When Menlo is hoppin' scotch, he lands on 10 with both feet, and 10 is a single square.

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Randall's Friends - S4-E12

Factual error: When Gretchen is typing the pardon on Mrs. Lemon's typewriter, the paper that she is typing on doesn't go up and out of the typewriter gradually as it should. It goes up all at once when she's almost done typing.

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