Randall's Reform - S1-E18

Factual error: At the end when Ms. Finster tells Randall to give her the names of the kids involved with the ball incident, she says to list them in alphabetical order. The first name Randall says is "Dettweiler, T.J." But "Blumberg, Mikey" would actually come before that, and given what we know of Randall, this isn't the kind of mistake he is likely to make.


Speedy, We Hardly Knew Ye - S1-E10

Factual error: Near the middle of this episode, Gretchen says hamsters don't hibernate. They do, it just depends on the time of year and if it's a wild hamster.

The Great Jungle Gym Stand Off - S1-E21

Factual error: When TJ says that he and the rest of the gang met at old rusty, it shows you a flashback and the kindergartners are wild, but they only became wild when Gus arrives later (as said in All Growed Down).

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