Relic - S3-E6

Factual error: Tate fires at Clark, who is dressed as the drifter, 8-9 times from a revolver that is chambered for only 6 rounds.

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Perry - S3-E5

Factual error: Perry uses a simple black rope to tie himself to the railing by his ankle. This is not a bungee cord of any kind. He falls and is stopped, jerked to a stop actually, with both his weight and the weight of Clark pulling on his ankle. This would cause a very serious sprain if not an actual broken ankle yet Perry shows no signs of being injured when he and Clark walk to the bus.

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Velocity - S3-E13

Factual error: In the scene where Clark stops Pete on the country road and is trying to talk Pete out of racing, mountains can be seen in the distance. There are no mountains that tall in Kansas.


Truth - S3-E18

Factual error: Clark lifts Chloe's car by the back. He is only holding on to the very back left portion of the car, yet while he's turning it, the car is completely horizontal. The front of the car would buckle since it weighs so much and isn't being handled by its center of gravity.

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