Perry - S3-E5

Audio problem: In the beginning of the episode, Clark leaves for the Talon to meet with Pete. He is offered a ride by his mother, but says he'll run there instead. As he closes the door behind him, we hear the sound of him taking off in super-speed, but we can still see him through the glass in the door moving down the stairs in normal speed.

Delete - S3-E11

Audio problem: Just before Adam says "If I read something in out friendship that wasn't there." the camera shot is focused on Lana but you can see Adam's mouth in the top left of the frame. In that shot you can see Adam's mouth is saying the line before we hear it.

Forsaken (1) - S3-E21

Audio problem: After Clark asks Lana to have dinner with him, and she says it's not such a good idea, the camera shot changes so that Lana is on the right side of the shot. In that shot Lana's mouth is moving like she is talking to Clark only you don't hear what she is saying.

Velocity - S3-E13

Audio problem: Towards the end of Lex telling Clark about his car, that it was stolen and returned, Lex says "Often that can be the test of a true friendship." After Lex's line the camera switches to show a reaction shot of Clark. In that shot, just before it switches back to Lex, you see Lex's mouth move as if he is saying something but there are no words heard.

Perry - S3-E5

Audio problem: After Perry explains that the information he has on Lionel is with "multiple attorneys with 'in the event of my death' instructions" Perry tells Lex that the information is "all yours". As he says "all yours" the camera is behind and you can see Perry's mouth say "I just want one thing." but you don't hear Perry actually speak the line until the camera has switched and is facing Perry.

Asylum - S3-E9

Audio problem: When Lex gets outside and makes a run for the gate you hear the sound of Lex running on a gravel or small stone covered walkway. However, several time we are shown his feet and he is actually running on a regular concrete walkway.

Covenant (2) - S3-E22

Audio problem: After Clark tells Lex why he didn't tell him that Lex's father killed his parents Clark finishes his line by saying "...I couldn't live with that." The camera jumps to Clark's right and you can see he says "I couldn't live with that" again only no sound is heard.

Shattered - S3-E8

Audio problem: Lana pours Lex a cup of chamomile tea from a Thermos, however the cap is still on the Thermos, despite the sound of liquid being poured. When Lana moves the Thermos, the red dot on top of the plastic cap can be seen.

Perry - S3-E5

Audio problem: While Clark says "next time I could hurt you or mom." the camera is behind him. As he says "you or mom" his head is turned so that you can see his lips do not match the words being said.

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