CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Living Legend - S7-E9

Revealing mistake: Mickey Dunn is played as a young man by Rik Young with hazel eyes. His eyes are much darker than the older Mickey Dunn, played by Roger Daltrey. Roger Daltrey's eyes are notoriously as 'blue as the sky'.

Lab Rats - S7-E20

Revealing mistake: As the phone number 702-555-0192 is supposedly dialed, you can hear in the sound overlay that the last two digits dialed on the touchtone keypad were the same two digits. Then it shows a close-up of the cell phone dialing the above number.

Monster In the Box - S7-E16

Revealing mistake: The elements of the miniature crime scene are not glued. They should not be in their respective locations, but all over the floor of the miniature.

Living Doll - S7-E24

Revealing mistake: Grissom and Brass enter the darkened apt. and Grissom spots another doll figurine on the book shelf as Brass takes notice of the dead guy on the bathroom floor. As Grissom comments on this being yet another 'miniature killer' scene, the cam flips to a shot of Dead Guy and he wiggles just slightly, even though he's supposed to be dead.


Built to Kill (Part 1) - S7-E1

Revealing mistake: During Katherine's visit with Dr. Robbins, they are overlooking Suicide Guys' body, discussing his autopsy. Just as the doc's hand touches the corpse's mouth, the corpse's lower lip twitches slightly.


Built to Kill (Part 1) - S7-E1

Revealing mistake: When Sarah visits Dr. Robbins to get an update on Suicide Guy, who is being autopsied, the camera moves to the right and you can see Suicide Guy breathe twice, even though he's supposed to be dead.


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