CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Paper or Plastic - S4-E14

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the CSI team first arrive at the crime scene and Grissom is taking photos, the first photo he takes, you can see that the victim's eyelids flutter a bit and his belly is seen contracting, a clear sign of breathing

Feeling the Heat - S4-E4

Revealing mistake: The dead baby is obviously a doll.

Getting Off - S4-E16

Revealing mistake: When Sarah and Catherine are looking over the body of the dead clown, in one scene his eye flutters and in the next he distinctly takes a breath.

Joel Amos Gordon

Dead Ringer - S4-E20

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the episode, when Grissom notices the body and pulls over, in the close up of him you can see that the steering wheel never moves: he just moves his hand to make it look like he's pulling over.


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