CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix - S7-E23

Continuity mistake: In episode "The good, the Bad and the Dominatrix" When Sara takes the photos of Lady Heather's neck bruising you see 2 distinct ligature marks. When Brass serves her with the search warrant you can see only the remnants of one ligature mark then when she is in Brass' office later she again has 2 ligature marks.


Built to Kill (Part 1) - S7-E1

Continuity mistake: Series 7 - Part 1: When Sara and Warrick are at the table discussing the case, Sara's box containing her veggie sandwich changes position depending on whether the camera is looking at her or Warrick. (It moves from directly in front of Sara, and then several inches to her right toward the edge of the table).


Ending Happy - S7-E21

Continuity mistake: Outside the brothel, there is an orange post next to the old man's trailer. Suddenly, it is gone in the second scene where the old man is approaching. In the third scene there is one again, but this time it is an orange cone instead of an orange post.

Lab Rats - S7-E20

Continuity mistake: The short-haired brunette wannabe Lab Tech has a disappearing and reappearing necklace during her conversation in the lab with Warrick.

Post Mortem - S7-E7

Continuity mistake: When the woman first falls through the glass, she obviously breaks it all, toward the bottom of the window. Then her position changes and there is cracked glass in place. We then see several more shots of the dead woman, none of which have matching blood spatter or position of her body.

Ending Happy - S7-E21

Continuity mistake: As Brass interviews people at the whorehouse, the curtains switch back and forth several times between shots: pulled back with no light, then stretched out with the sun behind them. They keep switching back and forth.

Living Legend - S7-E9

Continuity mistake: When the victim is hit by the car, it shows him get run over by the front right wheel of the limo. Later on, the body is "thrown 45 feet" and is ahead of the stopped limo.

Ian Hunt

Built to Kill (Part 1) - S7-E1

Continuity mistake: When Doc Robinson is checking the mouth of the suicide victim, when he opens the mouth you see a chipped tooth on the bottom middle, when they show the zoom in to see the sesame seeds there is no chip.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation mistake picture

Ending Happy - S7-E21

Continuity mistake: When Brass is interrogating the bartender, there is a cup of coffee in front of him. In the next shot of the bartender's face, the cup is gone. It reappears later on in the scene in a shot from the side. (00:27:00)


Fannysmackin' - S7-E4

Continuity mistake: When the fannysmackers attack Greg, they smash his car back window out. The next morning, when Warrick and Nick are processing the scene, Greg's car window is completely intact.

Ending Happy - S7-E21

Continuity mistake: In the scene just after Hodges and Greg find the seafood they were hunting for in the "Pleasure Providers'" stations or whatnot, Hodges collects a sample of the shrimp by cutting off a little piece. He picks it up with his fingers. In the very next frame, the shrimp piece is in tweezers. Lightning speed. (00:30:55)

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