CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Turn of the Screws - S4-E21

Other mistake: When the CSIs arrive to take in the accident scene from the Pharoah's Fury rollercoaster, the victims are covered in associated wounds and blood, from such a derailing accident. Yet no brain matter seen anywhere. When in a prior take, two of the rail cars had crashed face down into parked cars and pavement. While two other victims were thrown from railcars while in midair.

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Question: Is there an episode in which someone gets impaled by an icicle? I seem to recall the team not being able to find the murder weapon, and then someone realized that it had melted. This could also be CSI: New York.

Answer: The episode on CSI:NY was called "Love Runs Cold" and first aired on October 4, 2006 (Season 3, Episode 3) and involves the investigation of a model found stabbed to death by an ice dagger.


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