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Gilmore Girls (2000)

2 mistakes in So... Good Talk

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So... Good Talk - S5-E16

New this month Visible crew/equipment: When Emily enters the diner and says hello to Luke, two yellow T-marks can be seen taped to the floor, then when she approaches the counter the actor's blue tape mark can be seen at Luke's feet, and as Luke walks to the coffeemaker another tape mark becomes visible. (00:40:20)

Super Grover Premium member

So... Good Talk - S5-E16

Continuity mistake: When Lane delivers lunch from Luke's to Rory in the bookstore, the couple seen outside (man in black jacket and woman in white coat) are seen approaching and picking up a magazine not once but four times. They re-approach and pick up the magazine in each camera shot of Lane. (00:27:45)

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