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The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Corrected entry: When Ace is decending the ladder, a camera shot on her legs reveals that her grey skirt has changed to grey pin striped trousers.

Correction: This is impossible to tell as it correspond to a single close-up of Ace's knee. It look like her skirt is just pulled tight across the knee as she climbs down the ladder.

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Corrected entry: The idea of using the Ultima machine to translate the Viking inscriptions (expressed by both Judson and Millington) makes no sense. Translating a language has nothing in common with deciphering an encrypted message, and a computer would be of no help at all in "decoding" a message in an unknown language.

Correction: If the machine were fed the right language, as it could be from Wainwright's grandfather's translation, it could do so. After all, ULTIMA was designed to translate messages in German.

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Corrected entry: When the Russian soldiers are running to save Ace from the Haemovores, the shadow of somebody can be seen casually walking in the opposite direction.

Matty W

Correction: This shadow is from a wisp of smoke/mist which rolls onto screen just afterward.

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Corrected entry: The reason for the presence of Russian soldiers in this story, is that they have invaded the Naval base to steal the ULTIMA code breaking machine. However, it is not explained how they propose to get it back to Russia in their little rubber dinghy. The ULTIMA machine fills a whole room, and weighs several is not something that you can just pick up and carry away. Also, in 1943 weren't the Russians on 'our side'?

Correction: Judson and Millington seem to indicate the the Russians will merely steal the core of the ULTIMA machine, which would be easily transported. As for the second point, it is stated plainly and more than once that the conflict anticipates the coming Cold War between the Soviets and the West.

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Corrected entry: In episode 3, as Sorin leads his men through the graveyard (just before he sees Ace being attacked), they somehow manage to avoid seeing the group of Haemovores which are plainly visible in the background, attempting to break through the church door.

Correction: They see them, as evidenced by Sorin's glance in their direction and their keeping in cover. They just decide to avoid them until they see Ace.

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Corrected entry: Thanks to a strong wind, as Ace is at the top of the ladder, we see her underpants. Notice that they are black. When she gets to the bottom of the ladder, a Haemovore grabs her around the waist, catching his claw in her skirt. Not only do we get a long look at her suspenders and knickers for a second time, but we can see that they are now white.

Correction: On the dvd when ace is at the top of the ladder there is no wind so her skirt does not blow up to expose her underwear.

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Corrected entry: When Jean and Phyllis go into the water they have skirts on. When they come out of the water they not have interesting haircuts, but also are now wearing trousers.

Correction: On the DVD Jean and Phylis are wearing trousers before and after they go in the water. The new hairstyles are due to both girls being possessed by the curse of Fenric while they were in the water.

Survival - S26-E4

Corrected entry: When Ace watches Kara approaching the lake, look closely, and you will see the power lines in the background of the (supposedly primitive) Cheetah Planet. The Cheetah people don't seem to have discovered electricity, so why the need for overhead power lines?

Correction: The power lines are probably remnants left behind behind the people who tried to colonise the planet before finding themselves "bewitched" by it (just like the remnants of buildings that the Master shows the Doctor).

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Corrected entry: The baby, Audrey, is revealed in a plot twist in episode 4 to be Ace's mother. However the baby in this story was, in fact, the son of the landlord and landlady of The Bush Hotel on Shepherd's Bush Green, a few minutes' walk from the Doctor Who office and frequently visited by the production team. Despite advances in 'test tube baby' technology, no male child has yet given birth, and thereby become someone's mother...

Correction: Come on, this requires behind-the-scenes knowledge. As far as the *audience* is concerned, the baby is a girl. The fact that she was played by a baby boy is trivia, not a goof.

The Curse of Fenric - S26-E3

Corrected entry: Commander Millington should not have been wearing a moustache. King's Regulations of the 1939-45 period required Royal Navy officers and personnel to have either a full beard and moustache...or else to be clean shaven. Moustaches only were NOT permitted.

Correction: This is another of Millington's attempts to identify with 'the enemy', as can be seen with his office.

Battlefield - S26-E1

Corrected entry: A round of drinks costs £5, which the Doctor pays for with a £5 coin. The £5 coin became legal tender in 1990 but is only minted occasionally in commemorative issues...they are not actually used as currency. (They could be, but as commemorative issues, they are worth more than their face value). After the £1 note was replaced by a coin in 1983, the £5 note was expected to be replaced at any time. Instead, the Bank of England introduced a £2

Correction: This may be well and true, however this all happened after the show was cancelled (in 1989). You can't really call this a mistake just because the writers failed to predict the future.

Survival - S26-E4

Corrected entry: How is it that The Master recognises the Doctor, despite never having seen him before in his seventh (Sylvester McCoy) regeneration/incarnation?

Correction: It's been stated that Time Lords are partially telepathic "at least with each other" (stated by Dr. 4 in The Deadly Assassain). The Master probably recognized the Doctor by this telepathy. Otherwise, in a society that uses regeneration, people would have a hard time recognizing each other.

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