Doctor Who

Terror of the Autons - S8-E1

Corrected entry: When McDermott is being 'engulfed' by the black plastic chair, you can quite see him pulling it down on top of himself.


Correction: This scene was actually shot backward to create a realistic-looking struggle. So in no way is the actor pulling the chair onto himself but he is legitimately pushing it away.

The Claws of Axos - S8-E3

Corrected entry: The Nuton power complex contains a cyclotron which, Winser explains, can accelerate atomic particles to the speed of light and beyond. There's even an instrument which measures the effect, with a scale marked in "x light". Unfortunately, relativity states that you can't accelerate particles to the speed of light (let alone beyond it), because at that point the particles would have infinite mass.

Matty W

Correction: There is a theory that a cylinder of sufficient density would cause light to loop around it and accelorate. The particles wouldn't be breaking the local speed of light but would be breaking the universal one. The cylindrical nature of the chamber may generate this effect. This is science fiction so you have to assume that scientists found a way around the problem.


The Claws of Axos - S8-E3

Corrected entry: In episode 1, as Filer is driving along in his car, listening to the radio, notice that through the window to his right you can see a blue CSO screen which is completely blank – the superimposed backdrop that should be there is completely missing...

Correction: It's not blue, but a washed-out gray - the same color as the cloudy sky in the location shots.

Colony in Space - S8-E4

Corrected entry: The reel-to-reel tape recorder seen in this story is wonderfully anachronistic. The first cassette and cartridge tape players/recorders were invented some eight years before this story was made and were already being sold in Britain.

Correction: According to others on this board, this episode takes place in the 25th Century, at which time ANY 20th Century recording device would be anachronistic. The argument of technological advancement could be used against the original War of the Worlds because we now know there aren't any Martians. (Are there?) I think this mistake should be junked.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

The Mind of Evil - S8-E2

Corrected entry: In episode 3, the Master has the Doctor brought to his office and proceeds to inform him that he intends to steal the "nuclear" weapon from UNIT. Yet it had been quite stated on several occasions that it is a GAS weapon, not 'nuclear'

Correction: The missile is a nuclear-powered gas weapon.

Colony in Space - S8-E4

Corrected entry: The Master calls the enquiry a "tribunal". How can it be if there's only one of him? Tribunals tend to be made up of three people, hence the name..."tri" meaning "three"

Correction: The word "tribunal" originally referred to the court presided over by an ancient Roman magistrate known as a "tribune", and has nothing to do with having three people on it.

Terror of the Autons - S8-E1

Corrected entry: The only surviving Nestene control sphere has changed colour. It was previously red-pink but is now light blue. Except in the scene where the Master brings the first Autons to life, when it is pink...

Correction: The Nestene sphere is light blue because it is inactive, it becomes pink when the master "wakes it up".

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