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Correction: This is because the series starts in 1999, when Family Guy is was just standard definition TV. The animators didn't bother to draw the pictures, as they're only a part of the background, and is not really that important, as the video quality is in SD. When the series began to look a lot more clearer (and closer to HD), the animators decided to draw the pictures a lot more clearer and recognizable.

Agreed. This is like comparing the Simpsons' opening from '92 to '18. As technology progresses so does animation.

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Also, an animated series is typically not given much of a budget until it has proven itself to be a hit and thus worthy of a bigger budget from the network upon which it airs; this is also evident when you compare early episodes of other series such as South Park, American Dad, King Of The Hill, etc. to those from later seasons.


Precisely. A network isn't going to funnel money into something that could sink in the ratings. That's why many shows are contracted for a couple of episodes before a full season is commissioned.

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Corrected entry: In the episode when Bryan goes on The Bachelorette, when Quagmire and Brooke are in the hot tub, Brooke passes out after drinking the champagne that Quagmire put a drug in. You hear the sound of her hitting the ground a moment early, before you see it.

Correction: The sound is her falling, not her hitting the ground.


Correction: This is the introduction to the show. It is not supposed to have continuity. Why would a regular family have showgirls and an enormous staircase either?

Gary O'Reilly

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Corrected entry: In the episode "No Chris Left Behind", Peter has three fights with the chicken. Just before the first fight the chicken tells Peter to pick up a coupon notice. In that one shot, you can see the chicken's head shows the man inside, but in any other scene with the chicken, his head is covered.

Correction: The chicken is just a chicken, it's not a man in a suit.

Nick Bylsma

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Corrected entry: "Brian Goes Back to College" - Season 4, Episode 18: If you look at the handicapped teacher in the wheelchair, you can see that the keyboard on his wheelchair's arm only has four rows of five buttons, making twenty in all - not enough for every letter of the alphabet.

Correction: Maybe there are only twenty or so keys to save space. On many PDA keyboards there are special buttons you can hold (i.e. Ctrl, Alt) that allow you to access another keyboard (maybe there are 2 symbols on each key). A full size keyboard would take up a lot of space on a wheel chair.

Correction: This is a character mistake at best. Peter's father is a bit more extreme than most (after all he has called the Pope "soft") and since he's in a hurry to get Stewie baptized he makes a mistake. Besides a baptizing done by a layperson would usually require that a priest performs a conditional baptizing at a later point, so even if he did it wrong it would still be valid if the intention was to have it redone by a priest later.


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Corrected entry: In the new season, in the episode where Lois goes to jail for shoplifting, the family is visiting Lois in jail where she is wearing orange prison garb. In the next scene where Peter is helping Lois escape, he puts Lois' head in his mouth with her body hanging outside it. She is now wearing her normal uniform of green top and beige pants. Yes, its a cartoon, but she should still be wearing the orange.


Correction: It is possible she put her normal clothes on under the jumpsuit. A prisoner in Houston escaped by having regular clothes under his jumpsuit and taking it off before he walked out.

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Corrected entry: During the opening theme you can see in the background when Lois and Peter are singing on the piano that there is a stereo and three pictures of Stewie, Meg and Chris in the background. However, during episodes the piano is in one room and the stereo and pictures are in the room where they watch TV by the staircase.

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Correction: Whilst living in my house I've moved different things from one room to another. My computer was in my back room & is now in the front room.

Correction: Walls are several inches thick (or more) because there is space for the structural supports of the house inside them, also room for wiring, plumbing, insulation, etc. Just because a wall is slanted on one side does not mean it can't be straight on the other.

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Baby Not On Board - S7-E4

Plot hole: Stewie gets out of the car seat and goes back to bed, leaving the blanket at the bottom of the seat. When they get to New York, Lois goes to get him out and realises he's gone. But when they started the trip the blanket was covering the entire seat to make it look like Stewie was still in it. So who ever "covered" him up knew he wasn't in the seat before they set off. (00:13:45)

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When You Wish Upon a Weinstein - S3-E22

Peter Griffin: You better watch who you're calling a child Lois. Because if I'm a child then you know what that makes you? A paedophile, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand here and be lectured by a pervert.

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He's Too Sexy for His Fat - S2-E17

Trivia: In the shot of the Quahog Pest Control building you see a blue termite (Nibbles Woodaway) on the building. New England Pest Control in Providence, Rhode Island has the same bug on top of its building.

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Answer: Mort is Jewish, and Walt Disney was said to be antisemitic. So it would make sense in a Disney universe all the inhabitants would share his supposed beliefs.


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