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Corrected entry: In the first series, Joey's sister Bessie has a baby boy, (Alexander) with an African American, Bodie. Here the baby is appropriately darker skinned. In the finale, as Dawson and Joey are reminiscing on the bench, both their siblings are playing and climb up the ladder and Alexander is Caucasian. Plus Dawson's mum didn't have her baby until a much later season, but here they are look the same age.

Correction: Alexander is definitely not caucasian in the final episode. His skin is much darker than Lilly's and his hair is dark and curly. As for the age, Alexander might look younger than he is and Lilly older than she is. Alexander does appear to be older though.

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Corrected entry: In the earlier episodes you see the school sign many times which shows, Capeside, Home of the Wildcats. In Season 3, as Mitch takes over as head football coach, the school mascot is the Minutemen.

Correction: During the entire season 2, the school sign doesn't appear to have the "Home of the Wildcats" anymore. Also, there is a small insignia at the bottom - a blue tri-corner hat, representative of what Minutemen would wear. They must have made the switch during season 2.

The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest - S6-E3

Continuity mistake: When Joey accesses her email address book to send an email to Dawson, she inadvertently hits the address above his, sending her email to the entire Worthington campus. Dawson's email address in Joey's address book is DawsonLeery@worthington.edu. Dawson does not go to Worthington and would not have a campus email account.

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Jen: Cute.
Jack: Gay.
Jen: Aren't they all?

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...Must Come to an End (2) - S6-E24

Question: The ending scene of the Series Finale shows Joey and Pacey apparently living together in a high-rise apartment. The TV looks the same as her NYC apartment, and there is a beautiful window view of lighted high-rise buildings and a harbor or bay. The question is - is this Boston or NYC? Are they living in her previous NYC apartment, or did they find a new place together in nearby Boston? It looked to me more like Boston, but Pacey had just started his restaurant business in Capeside and that is an hour away. Where are they living at the end of the series? It was vague to me.

Answer: It's the same apartment Joey had in NYC. Comparing it to the beginning of the Finale; you can tell it's exactly the same location, furnishings, Plasma TV etc. Apparently Chris was only living with her at HER apartment, and now Pacey has taken his place at the end. I guess this implies Pacey successfully started his own restaurant business in NYC as he had dreamed, to be with Joey.

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