Dawson's Creek
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 1
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot (aka Emotions in Motion) 5
2 Dance (aka Dirty Dancing) 0
3 Kiss (aka A Prelude to a Kiss) 3
4 Discovery (aka Carnal Knowledge) 0
5 Hurricane (aka Blown Away) 0
6 Baby (aka Look Who's Talking) 1
7 Detention (aka The Breakfast Club) 0
8 Boyfriend (aka Escape From New York) 0
9 Roadtrip (aka In the Company of Men) 0
10 Double Date (aka Modern Romance) 0
11 The Scare (aka Friday the 13th) 2
12 Beauty Contest (aka Pretty Woman) 0
13 Decisions (aka Breaking Away) 0
Season 2
Season 2 generally 0
1 The Kiss 1
2 Crossroads 1
3 Alternate Lifestyles 0
4 Tamara's Return 1

Coming Home - S4-E1

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Joey and Pacey have arrived back at Capeside, and are getting things ready to get off the "True Love," in one shot you can see the microphone clipped to the back of Joey's shorts.

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Jen: Cute.
Jack: Gay.
Jen: Aren't they all?

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Parental Discretion Advised - S2-E22

Trivia: Paul Stupin mentions this true story while discussing the show during the narrative for this episode. Once when Joshua Jackson (who played Pacey) was out swimming at night, there was a girl who was caught in some currents. He jumped in the water, swam out and brought the girl to safety. Joshua made the local newspapers as a "hero", and was known around Wilmington as 'the guy who saved the drowning girl'. The show also had a big ceremony on the set, where they gave Joshua a life preserver in honor of his heroic deeds. (00:06:10)

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