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Polymorph - S3-E3

Corrected entry: When Lister is preparing the meal, he puts all the ingredients into the microwave and closes the door. When he opens it again, a plate has magically appeared inside the microwave. (00:04:20)


Correction: Lister also dumps a lot of curry powder into the microwave, and when he reopens the door after baking, there is a full meal prepared. Clearly, this is not a mistake, but in fact part of the futuristic technology used to create the meal. The plate was likely generated along with the rest of the meal.

Casual Person

Correction: You've obviously never been to an English public school.

Correction: It has been established that whenever a picture is being used as a form of time travel, real time will always pass within in the photo. For example, the crew use a photo from when Lister was in Smeg and the Heads, which would have been a single photo taken whilst the band is performing, but time passes when the photo is being displayed as shown by the band performing before they go inside the photo. The likely answer to this is that Rimmer acquired a photo of his bed from boarding school that was probably taken during the day and then waited several hours until night time to inside the photo.

Casual Person

Correction: This is the cat. His heartbeat is literally a music beat. He spent over a day creating a special spacesuit when he thought he was going to meet women. Having perfect hair, no matter the situation, is entirely within character.

Gary O'Reilly

Correction: Lister was 'scuffling' with Hitler and when he comes back through the slide, he says 'I stole his briefcase' The briefcase was Hitler's, not von Stauffenberg's. Therefore there is nothing odd about Hitler's diary being in Hitler's briefcase. Incidentally, Rimmer comments he is the officer that attempt's to assassinate Hitler by putting a bomb in his (Hitler's) briefcase.

Correction: As the snake is a polymorph there is no reason why it did not just change from a small snake to a large snake when it jumped at Lister.


Marooned - S3-E2

Corrected entry: Rimmer says to keep page sixty one of "Lolita", but Lister pulls out the left-side page and pockets it. As odd-numbered pages in books are on the right side, meaning he must have kept page sixty. You can see the front cover quite is the right way up so the book would not have been upside down. (00:17:05)


Correction: It depends on how the book is numbered. Odd numbers are not *always* on the right. I own several books where page 1 and two face each other.

Phixius Premium member

Correction: It is not a boom mic. In the wide shot of the room you can see there is part of the damaged ceiling hanging down and swaying, causing the shadow.


Timeslides - S3-E5

Corrected entry: We learn in "Ouroboros" in series 7 that Lister is his own father, and Kochanski is his mother. However, if this is so, when Lister fixed time so he never joined the Space Corps, that would mean he never met Kochanski, so his father never met his mother, so he should never have been born, and even if he was, his life should have taken a radically different path from that it did.


Correction: These are all time paradoxes. Each story that involves time travel uses it's own set of rules involving these. Whatever rules exist for time travel in the "Red Dwarf" universe clearly allow for these things to happen the way they did.

Phixius Premium member

Timeslides - S3-E5

Corrected entry: After Lister manages to make himself the inventor of the tension sheet, Rimmer is in the the sleeping quarters and Lister's bunk can be seen behind him, still just like it was. If Lister was never on Red Dwarf then why is all his stuff still in his bunk and on the walls?


Correction: The Space Corps would still have hired someone to fill the vacancy that Lister would have filled had be been around. Presumably the new guy is a slob like Lister.

Backwards - S3-E1

Corrected entry: If you look behind Rimmer and Kryten in the cafe, you see a menu board with all the foods spelt backwards, reading right to left. Nothing wrong with that, except the letters are still all 'forwards', instead of a mirror image as would happen if everything was reversed. The same is true for the 'Nodnol 871 selim' marker.

Correction: As all the signs seen in the backwards world have the words spelled backwards, with the actual letters the correct way round, it's reasonable to say that that's just how things work in that reality.

Tailkinker Premium member

Bodyswap - S3-E4

Corrected entry: When Rimmer (in Lister's body) is scoffing food under his sheets, Lister (as Rimmer) wakes up and leaps off the top bunk and he makes a thud as he hits the floor, now seeing Lister is a hologram in this scene he shouldn't have made a noise on impact with the floor.

Correction: As he is a hologram, he shouldn't be able to lay in abed without falling through, use the lifts, or get any traction on the floor when walking. If you can accept that he can also see and hear despite being made of light, you should be able to accept that Holly has programed the light-bee to emit fotstep sounds when he walks/lands to make him appear more human.

Soylent Purple

Correction: Rimmer is lying, trying to sound like he has been with more women. He was very drunk back in "Memory" and is trying to cover up that mishap (Hence his comment about the walnut interior of the Bently).

Soylent Purple

Timeslides - S3-E5

Corrected entry: Paradox - If Lister went back in time, and prevented Kryten from being rescued, Kryten wouldn't have discovered the mutated development fluid, and Lister wouldn't have been able to go back in time.

Correction: This is a self correcting entry - it's a paradox, not a mistake. Time travel stories are full of paradoxes, they can't exist without them.

Timeslides - S3-E5

Corrected entry: A short while after Lister unwittingly saves Hitler from the bomb, he holds up a newspaper which says on it that he saved Hitler's life. But where did he get that paper from? If it was a paper in Hitler's briefcase, and the front cover changed to coincide with Listers implications on the past, then how come the headlines are written in English, and not German? Not only that, but if the newspaper was already in Hitler's briefcase, did it predict that Lister would save Hitler's life? Surely a newspaper in Hitler's briefcase on that day would be about events the previous day?


Correction: It's more likely that Lister was able locate a copy from the ship's library or have one replicated, unless Nazi scientists were somehow able to give Hitler the next day's newspaper before the events took place.

Correction: Once Lister saved Hitler, Kryten loaded up the altered news from the day after and printed it out for Lister.

Timeslides - S3-E5

Corrected entry: When Lister changes the past so he does not get stuck on Red Dwarf, Rimmer is still there as a hologram, but he was only revived in order to keep Lister sane. If the history of Red Dwarf still remained the same (the radiation leak, Red Dwarf flying 3 million years into deep space etc.), despite Lister's absence, the captain would have surely been the only one revived as the most senior person on board. However, if for some reason, Rimmer WAS revived as a hologram, then he would have no memory of Lister as he would never have met him. Also, Kryten would still be aboard Nova 5, would never have discovered the developing fluid and would not have been able to show it to Lister anyway, so Lister could have never gone back to his 17 year old self to give him the tension sheet, therefore this whole episode is a paradox of itself and the Universe will now implode. Well, that's what you get for messing with causality.

Correction: Consider each the first two parts of this mistake - First, perhaps Holly prefers rimmer as opposed to the captain. Secondly, Rimmer WILL have met Lister as he has not changed timelines.

Andy Benham Premium member

Marooned - S3-E2

Corrected entry: Why does Lister ask Rimmer about losing his virginity? Rimmer told Lister truthfully in Series 2 (episode "Thanks For The Memory") that he had only had sex once in his life - with Yvonne McGruder. When the crew erased their memories, they did not erase Rimmer telling Lister about Yvonne - so why doesn't he remember in Marooned?

Correction: Lister is in the process of freezing to death and trying to make conversation to keep himself alive and alert. He may simply not recall the earlier conversation, or be trying to get more detail from Rimmer.

Timeslides - S3-E5

Corrected entry: When Lister convinces his past self to "invent" the Tension Sheet, he, Cat and Kryten vanish, having never become part of the Dwarf's crew. When Rimmer visits Lister, Lister does not remember him, because they have never met - if Lister can't remember people he's never met, why can Rimmer and Holly?

Timeslides - S3-E5

Corrected entry: Lister's saving of Adolf Hitler is shown as occurring at one of the dictators rallies at Nuremberg. The actual von Stauffenberg assassination attempt happened at Rastenburg in 1944, and the Nuremberg rallies ceased after 1938.

Correction: In this reality, yes. There is no telling how many different dimensions this crew have shifted through - maybe one where Hitler is still addressing the crowds in Nuremberg today?

Timeslides - S3-E5

Corrected entry: In the episode 'Timeslides,' after the crew return from giving young Lister the Tension Sheet, Lister, The Cat, and Kryten disappear because he never joined the crew. Rimmer should also disappear or be replaced by McIntyre, because his hologram was created for the purpose of keeping Lister sane.

Correction: It's quite possible (very unlikely, but possible), that in this timeline, Rimmer actually passed his astronavigation exam for once, and rose to a high enough rank to be brought back as a hologram.

Marooned - S3-E2

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lister is so desperate with hunger that he eats the only thing still available (a can of dog food), Craig Charles (who plays Lister) was not acting. He really DID eat it (it was cat food, which apparently "looked better", but the difference is minimal). Not surprisingly, this scene was completed in only one take...

Correction: If you watch the DVD with the commentary, it is in fact tuna fish made to look like dog food.

Back To Reality - S5-E6

Factual error: While it is true that lithium carbonate can be used to treat depression and other psychiatric disorders, it cannot be administered in gaseous form. It is a very stable salt and only starts to form vapour at 1,310 degress Celcius. Spraying it about as a 'mood stabliser' at that temperature, as Kryten does, is going to kill everyone on the spot.

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White Hole - S4-E4

Rimmer: The thing about Captain Oates... The thing you have to remember about Captain Oates... Captain Oates... Captain Oates was a prat.

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Trivia: The actor who plays the original Kryten, in 'Kryten', also turns up later as the voice of Talkie Toaster.

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Meltdown - S4-E6

Question: When Kryten and Rimmer were doing the roster of their ranks, Why did Kryten skip the old woman in the black dress with the white shoulder sash between Dali Lama and Mr. Noel Coward?

Answer: It's Queen Victoria, someone any Englishman would recognize, and needed no introduction.

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