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Correction: The run-in with the future selves and being killed by them at The End of season 6 caused reality to destabilize and changes to the ship. (At one point, one of the cargo decks is said to have increased capacity 44%.) Making it big enough to land Ace's dimension ship inside could be one of those changes.

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Correction: One of Holly's most important jobs is keeping Lister's fragile sanity intact. Having him see his hands go through objects when he touches them would tip him over the edge. She 'moves' the holographic items to fit Lister's movements.

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Corrected entry: From series 4 onwards, Rimmer is held in place by a "light bee" which is solid. But, at several points in series 1 and 2, he is able to walk through solid objects, which his light bee would be unable to do.

Correction: In "Thanks For The Memory", Rimmer uses a projection cage to visit the surface of a nearby world, showing that he didn't have a light bee at that point. The addition of the light bee is clearly an upgrade made at some point after that time, making it entirely reasonable that he could be seen to walk through solid objects in the early seasons.

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Corrected entry: If Rimmer is a hologram, why does his head make an impression on the pillow when he lies down? The pillow isn't a hologram. Rimmer doesn't ask for it to be turned on and its there when he's not in the room.

Correction: Rimmer's blankets and pillow are hologrammatic as well, since a hologram sleeps in them. They may just be left on full time for simplicity's sake.

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Correction: We don't know exactly what protocols he's forced to obey. It may just be in certain situations (Kryten seems to side with Lister a lot more when it's "Life or death", perhaps with a Hologram's decisions would be biased, since they're already dead) that he's programmed to do this. Also, considering that it was Lister who repaired him at the start of series three (and has repaired him again at least once since), there are likely to be one or two faults in him.

Gary O'Reilly

Correction: We are told there were 169 crew members on board but 1169 PEOPLE. The others could be non-crew members such as miners (it was a mining vessel, after all), passengers (commercial ships often carry them) or even crew members families (not unreasonable on a five year trip). There are many possible explanations.

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Corrected entry: Lister does not seem to know much about his childhood, as he tells several contradicting stories about it. In series 2 Lister talks about how upset he was when his father died in the episode "Better Than Life". It is possible that he was talking about a foster father when he said this, but we learn in the episode "Ouroboros" in series 7 that he was abandoned, and never knew his parents at all. He also said in series 7 that he lived with his granny too, which leaves the question that if he knew his own granny, then why didn't he know who his parents were? Three different stories of his childhood.


Correction: We established that Lister was abandoned in Series 3 in 'The Last Day'. Therefore we can assume that everyone in his family that he talks about being alive are his foster family and their relatives.

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Corrected entry: During the episode "Thanks For The Memory" in series two after Rimmer realizes that some of his memories where actually Lister's he says "no wonder I remember having my appendix out twice" (or something like that) meaning that Lister has had his appendix out. But during the episode "Legion" in series 6 Legion takes out Lister's appendix.

Correction: Grant Naylor have said that Lister grew another appendix when his genetic structure was transmogrified in the episode "DNA."

Skipper - S12-E6

Plot hole: Kryten explains that the quantum skipper must be recharged after every use, and the time this takes must be must be taken into account. This is an important plot device the first time Rimmer uses it, but it is conveniently forgotten for the rest of the episode.

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Meltdown - S4-E6

Trivia: "Meltdown" was originally planned to be the first episode of Series IV of Red Dwarf. However, the militaristic tone of this episode - and in particular Dave Lister's strident anti-war speech near The End of the episode - meant it fell foul of the BBC censors. The original planned transmission date (Feb 14 1991) coincided with the outbreak of "Operation Desert Storm" - the Gulf War...and the BBC felt that an "anti-war" episode of Red Dwarf would be inappropriate for a country at war with Iraq.

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Kryten - S2-E1

Question: When Holly is saying about how he has changed music he says that because of the 2 new notes he's made instruments would be bigger. "Triangles will have four sides. Piano keyboards the length of zebra crossings. Course, women will have to be banned from playing the cello." I don't understand the joke about the cello part. Could someone please tell me what he means?

Answer: The cello is a large four-stringed instrument, which, when it is played, stands vertically on the floor between the player's legs (assuming they are seated). If it is to grow as large as the other instuments mentioned will, it would require a rather unseemly lack of femininity to be able to encompass it with the legs.

Rooster of Doom

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