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Holoship - S5-E1

Corrected entry: During Rimmer's initial conversation with Nirvannah, after he boards her ship, she tells him that it is considered "the height of bad manners" on the ship to refuse sex with someone. Later, after they have had sex, Rimmer suggests a "tie-breaker" (a euphemism for sex again). She unashamedly brushes him off by saying she has "things to do", thus contradicting her own moral standards.

Correction: Nirvanah hasn't refused to have sex with Rimmer - she's already done it, several times. She simply can't continue to do so, as she has duties to attend to. No rudeness there - everybody on the ship would understand that duty ultimately has to take precedence.

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Correction: Cats have phenomenal senses of smell and hearing. The Cat would have known Rimmer was there long before he saw him.

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Correction: Holly is a computer with all kinds of fictional technology. There are any number of explanations for this. Even something as mundane as Lister's handprint simply being on file since he was a crewmember.

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Quarantine - S5-E4

Corrected entry: In Quarantine Lister has been given a big dose of the luck virus. A few moments later Lister, Cat and Kryten are walking backwards down a corridor. Luckily Lister picks up the right parts for what Kryten needs, as he picks up one of the items he trips and manages to keep on his feet. With the luck virus still going through him he should not have tripped. The actress who plays Holly mentioned this on the DVD commentary.

Correction: Why is tripping over something, when that trip doesn't lead to any injury or embarrassment, and in fact actually leads him to picking something useful up, bad luck? It's a luck virus, not a co-ordination virus.

Correction: We've seen from previous episodes that when the timeline is altered, there's a brief "sorting out" period while causality adjusts. The other Lister's hand hadn't disappeared just yet, but would soon.

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In fact recent Quantum Theory suggests that time has a way of 're-adjusting' itself. Hence the 'Grandfather' paradox being impossible because time would have a way of preventing this from happening in the first place. Or if it does other things happen after to the timeline so that things sort themselves out.

Holoship - S5-E1

Corrected entry: Nirvana claims the Holoship has 'just under 2000' crew members. Given that the holoship can ONLY support that many holograms, Nirvana's Crew Member Number should be lower than 2000. (Dead Man's Boots would replace crew members, number for number without increasing it.) It is, however, 4172 according to the test computer.

Correction: The Holoship has just under 2000 active holograms. There is nothing to prevent the ship from having the files for other crew members in case of accident or specialists. Much in the same way Red Dwarf can only have one active hologram but has others on file. Most notably Kochanski whose file Lister attempts to locate in an episode.

The Inquisitor - S5-E2

Corrected entry: If The Inquisitor has generated a replacement Lister and Kryten, why does Holly not recognize the original Lister and Kryten's authorizations? They should have had the same authorization - certainly Kryten, who is registered as "Additional 001", indicating he is the one and only CPU that has been added to Red Dwarf's compliment during it's voyage; the replacement Kryten would likewise be "Additional 001".

Correction: Holly may also be programmed to recognise voices. The replacements would sound different to the original Lister and Kryten.

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Demons & Angels - S5-E5

Corrected entry: In the scene when the crew arrive on the "low" ship and the "high" Kryten is shot five times with a bazookoid, Lister drags him to safety behind a pile of boxes. However, he is not dragged far enough, so you can see the actor get up after he believes he is out of shot.

Correction: Because Kryten isn't dead (he walks back into shot seconds later), he doesn't need to be out of shot to stand up. It's therefore not a mistake.

Correction: Simple. Alburn's trial merely occured off-screen.

Back To Reality - S5-E6

Corrected entry: In the recuperation room when they're all finding out who they are, Kryten tells Lister and Rimmer that they are half-brothers, sharing the same mother. Rimmer's "real" name is given as Billy Doyle. Later in the parking garage, the man Kryten shoots calls Lister Sebastian Doyle. If they have different fathers, why do they have the same last name?

Correction: Doyle is most likely their mother's maiden name, which they decided to adopt for some reason (like she divorced their fathers or something).


Correction: Lister never actually says that he's a pantheist - Kryten merely asks him if he's a pantheist, and Lister says that he isn't a "frying pan-theist". Also, it might be that since he's apparently done such a bad job of the Red Dwarf "game", he never even realised that Lister was supposed to be an atheist.


Back To Reality - S5-E6

Corrected entry: When the crew are in the recuperation lounge, a woman comes in and asks if anyone in the room is called Dwayne Dibley. After everyone denies that it could be them, the woman leaves the case for someone to look at. After she leaves, Lister looks at the case and says it has to be Cat because his photograph is on the case. If this is so, then why did the woman not just look at the picture and tell for herself who Dwayne was instead of repeatedly asking?


Correction: It's probably standard procedure to do so in order to jog players' memories - after 4 years being someone else in a total immersion video game, wouldn't you forget who you are?

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Correction: Lister states in the episode "Future Echoes" in the first series that he is 23 years old. Thus, by simple addition, in "Holoship" he would be 27 - which could just about be said to be mid 20s.

Back To Reality - S5-E6

Corrected entry: After the crew recover from the Despair Squid and Kryten is telling everyone why they where who they were in the hallucination he said that Rimmer was half-brother with Lister so that he [Rimmer] could not blame his parents and upbringing for his failures as his brother was successful. This makes no sense as Rimmer really does have three brother who all went on to become successful graduates of the Space Corp, yet he does still blame his parents,so his despair hallucination is flawed.

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Correction: Rimmer's despair hallucination does take on many elements of his real existence, but it amplifies them even further - in the hallucinatory 'reality', his brother is apparently one of the most powerful people in the world, while he himself appears to be a down-and-out - in the real world he at least had employment, even if it wasn't exactly a great job. As we see in "Terrorform", Rimmer's self-loathing is pretty high anyway - the hallucination merely took that and boosted it to the point where he would commit suicide.

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Correction: Given the thickness of the latex mask that the actor is wearing, it is sometimes difficult to see if his lips are moving. Upon closer inspection however, Krytin is moving his jaw (its easier to tell that way).

The Inquisitor - S5-E2

Corrected entry: When Kryten is lying to Lister and saying that his deletion is not Lister's fault, his right foot (and eventually his whole body) is jiggling: Lister says that this is how he knows Kryten is lying. However, Kryten has told lies many times since Lister taught him to, and this foot-jiggling has never been seen before or since.

Correction: Kryten, although now able to override the program preventing him from lying to humans, may still find it a little uncomfortable lying to his best friend (i.e. Lister).

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The Inquisitor - S5-E2

Corrected entry: When trying to convince Rimmer that he knows him, Lister says that Rimmer once manned the 'Samaritans' helpline - and that four people had committed suicide in one afternoon after phoning Rimmer. But in the episode 'The Last Day' the incident is also mentioned - but then it was five people (not four) and it was in the morning (not afternoon).

Correction: Different incidents, obviously. Since when has failure discouraged Rimmer? How many times has be sat the navigator's exam?

Quarantine - S5-E4

Corrected entry: When Lister, the Cat and Kryten have spent 5 days in Quarantine Cat's arm is broken and in a sling. However, at The End of the episode, Rimmer regains consciousness and the rest of the crew are wearing gingham dresses and making fun of him. At this particular scene Cat's arm is no longer broken. Don't broken bones take quite a while to heal? Unless Rimmer was in a coma.

Correction: The ship probably has all sorts of medical technology that Rimmer wouldn't allow Cat to access, due to the Quarantine; once they were out, he could use it.


Quarantine - S5-E4

Corrected entry: Rimmer says Red Dwarf can only sustain one hologram but in 'Me2' he had a duplicate hologram of himself by cutting off unnecescary power systems. If it can be done once, why can't it be done again?

Correction: Two possible reasons: firstly it may have been easier for Holly to generate a second Rimmer because duplicate the program producing Rimmer as opposed to creating an entirely new simulation for another hologram. Secondly the two Rimmers did not function properly, one Rimmer being insanely nasty and psychotic while the other one was very timid and quiet.

Back To Reality - S5-E6

Factual error: While it is true that lithium carbonate can be used to treat depression and other psychiatric disorders, it cannot be administered in gaseous form. It is a very stable salt and only starts to form vapour at 1,310 degress Celcius. Spraying it about as a 'mood stabliser' at that temperature, as Kryten does, is going to kill everyone on the spot.

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Nanarchy - S7-E8

Lister: What, they fixed your core program and then decided they'd be better off without you?
Holly: Yeah, it was shortly after they met me.

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Trivia: The actor who plays the original Kryten, in 'Kryten', also turns up later as the voice of Talkie Toaster.

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Kryten - S2-E1

Question: When Holly is saying about how he has changed music he says that because of the 2 new notes he's made instruments would be bigger. "Triangles will have four sides. Piano keyboards the length of zebra crossings. Course, women will have to be banned from playing the cello." I don't understand the joke about the cello part. Could someone please tell me what he means?

Answer: The cello is a large four-stringed instrument, which, when it is played, stands vertically on the floor between the player's legs (assuming they are seated). If it is to grow as large as the other instuments mentioned will, it would require a rather unseemly lack of femininity to be able to encompass it with the legs.

Rooster of Doom

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