Red Dwarf
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Camille - S4-E1

Continuity mistake: After Kryten tells Camille she must think he is as stupid as a photocopier, a shadow is covering her whole face. In the next shot light is shining on her eye. (00:09:25)


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Meltdown - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: When Rimmer says that he will lead the wax droids, Kryten is stood next to him shoulder to shoulder. The next shot shows Kryten yet Rimmer is not visible to his right, however in the next shot, Rimmer is stood in from of Kryten's right shoulder. (00:14:10)


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Stoke Me A Clipper - S7-E2

Continuity mistake: When Ace drives the bike out of the shed, the piece of wood is between the front wheel and the handlebars. In the next shot, the piece of wood is resting on his arms. (00:03:25)


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Justice - S4-E3

Continuity mistake: Near The End of the episode, after the simulant has strangled itself, it is lying flat on his back. When the Cat comes up behind it to attack it with a spade, the simulant is half sitting up. 26.20. (00:26:20)


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Stasis Leak - S2-E4

Revealing mistake: At The End of the episode when the future Lister closes the door on the Cat and Lister, you can see the partial editing out of Lister and the Cat as the door closes. As this happens, Lister and the Cat disappear before the door has passed them. (00:26:50)


Skipper - S12-E6

Plot hole: Kryten explains that the quantum skipper must be recharged after every use, and the time this takes must be must be taken into account. This is an important plot device the first time Rimmer uses it, but it is conveniently forgotten for the rest of the episode.

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Kryten - S2-E1

Question: When Holly is saying about how he has changed music he says that because of the 2 new notes he's made instruments would be bigger. "Triangles will have four sides. Piano keyboards the length of zebra crossings. Course, women will have to be banned from playing the cello." I don't understand the joke about the cello part. Could someone please tell me what he means?

Answer: The cello is a large four-stringed instrument, which, when it is played, stands vertically on the floor between the player's legs (assuming they are seated). If it is to grow as large as the other instuments mentioned will, it would require a rather unseemly lack of femininity to be able to encompass it with the legs.

Rooster of Doom

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