Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Becoming (2) - S2-E22

Corrected entry: In the episode 'Becoming, Part 2' Spike uses a choke hold to subdue Drusilla. What good is a choke hold on a vampire who doesn't breath or have a blood flow to the brain that could be cut off?


Correction: From the buffyguide.com FAQ; 'Vampires do not need to breathe air in order to stay alive. However, like food, vampires do breathe and can do things that require breathing, like talking or smoking. If a vampire is deprived of air for enough time, they will pass out from 'suffocation', but there has never been an incidence of a vampire dying from lack of air. Also, when a vampire breathes in air, *something* happens to it that makes it unusable for CPR, which is why Angel could not save Buffy in Prophecy Girl.


Once More, With Feeling - S6-E7

Corrected entry: In "Once More, With Feeling" from season 6, everyone sings and dances because the demon Sweet is in Sunnydale, but after he leaves, everyone still keeps singing and dancing.

Correction: In Sweet's song, right before he leaves, he says "say you're happy now, once more with feeling." He's cursing them to do one more song.


Lies My Parents Told Me - S7-E17

Corrected entry: In the episode 'Lies My Parents Told Me' Spike and Dru are waiting for Spike's mother when the enters her living room, but how did they get into the house? Even entering his former home a vampire needs an invitation, and since she was surprised to see them she couldn't have been the one who let them in.


Correction: If no living person claims ownership of the house then vampires can enter as they please. Seeing Spike with his mother it is probably safe to assume that it was his house and she was a long term guest not an official resident.


Bargaining (2) - S6-E2

Corrected entry: In the opener of season 6, Buffy has to dig her way out of her own grave because the others were driven away before they could finish the spell and don't know she's alive, but what were they planning to do if they had finished the spell? They had no shovels to dig her out, so were they planning on bringing her back to life then letting her asphyxiate in her grave?

Correction: They accept later it was a badly thought out plan.


Conversations With Dead People - S7-E7

Corrected entry: When Willow is talking to Cassie in the UC Sunnydale University Library, Cassie said she was sent to talk to her by Tara. Cassie says "she still sings the song you sang to each other on the bridge", referring to "Once More with Feeling". But Willow only sang 2 lines in the that episode. In "I've Got a Feeling", she sang "Ive got a feeling some kid is dreaming and were all stuck inside this wacky broadway nightmare", and in "Walk Through the Fire", she sang "I think this line's mostly filler".

julie sheridan

Correction: Willow & Tara sing "Under your spell" in a park somewhere in Sunnydale. Part of the song takes place on a bridge going over a pond.

Family - S5-E6

Corrected entry: When Ben is being stalked by the demon while he's at his locker, he's wearing his medical clothing. Yet, moments later, when Glory grabs the demon from behind, she's back to her usual red dress and make up. If Ben and Glory were truly the same being in that moment, they would be wearing the same clothes, too.


Correction: In "Tough Love," Glory shows that she can change her clothes in an instant when her dress gets damaged in the fight with Willow and she replaces it. Same goes for makeup.


What's My Line? (1) - S2-E9

Corrected entry: In the episode 'What's My Line Part 1' Spike says the ritual to restore Drusilla's health must be done on the night of a full moon, but in 'What's My Line Part 2' Giles says the ritual will take place on the night of a new moon.

Correction: Spike never describes the ritual in "What's My Line Part 1," except to say that Angel is the "missing link."


Goodbye Iowa - S4-E14

Continuity mistake: When Buffy is talking to Riley, she puts the scarf on her head, on his hand. He talks to her and says "Maybe I am the bad guy," and in the next frame her scarf is back on her head again, then off again in the next frame. (00:24:20)

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Bargaining (1) - S6-E1

[After saving Giles from a vampire.]
Spike: Awww, poor Watcher. Did your life flash before your eyes? Cup of tea, cup of tea, almost-got-shagged, cup of tea?

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The Freshman - S4-E1

Trivia: At the Bronze, Buffy sees someone whom she thinks is Angel. Until his face becomes visible, revealing it's someone else, the man she sees is played by David Boreanaz.

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Homecoming - S3-E5

Question: In this episode Oz says "As Willow goes, so goes my nation". Is this a variation on a famous quote, and if so, which?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: "So goes the nation" seems to have been used on many occasions, with various different US states in the "As .... goes" section. Most commonly it seems to be California that's considered to lead the way, but probably most other states have appeared in the lead role at some point or another. Other things have also been used - no less a person that Pope John Paul II said "As the family goes, so goes the nation...". The origin of the quote format is unclear - in US politics it goes back into the 19th century, when it was Maine that held the title spot, but, while no definitive origin is known, it seems highly likely that it goes back considerably further than that.

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